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  1. John Conroy

    Brown and Sharp dividing head, $750, Calgary, AB

    The ad should say "Brown and Sharp type". I don't believe it a real B&S
  2. John Conroy

    Tool Tools to set angle on compound fairly accurately?

    There was a good discussion about that in this thread. https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/compound-needs-a-better-degree-dial.7852/
  3. John Conroy

    Fixing Moen faucet with no new parts or hardware store trips

    I've got a house full of Moen single handle faucets. I just take an old cartridge to Home Depot and they give me a free replacement. Just talk to anyone in the plumbing department and they'll grab one for you out of their secret stash. 30 years in this house and never paid for one yet.
  4. John Conroy

    Surface Grinding Bench (Sharpening) Stones (an attempt at making precision ground flat stones)

    I bought a pair of Robin's Norton stones. Definitely worth the money since a surface grinder is not in my future.
  5. John Conroy

    50 MM pipe with 2 MM thickness

    As a Red Seal Journeyman automotive technician I recommend you buy the correct shocks.
  6. John Conroy

    What is this set screw ?

    1/4 - 24 is a screw size I have run into on pre war Harley Davidsons but is obsolete now. You can still buy a tap and die from KBC
  7. John Conroy

    Tool Rotary table fixture plate

    I like using brake rotors as they provide a precisely machined and relatively cheap chunk of cast iron that can be adapted for lots of uses. I built a small simple indexing table using an 11.5" brake rotor, a 5" 3 jaw chuck and a hub/bearing assembly from a GM SUV. I bolt it to a 9" angle...
  8. John Conroy

    BXA toolholders

    I have 2 Aloris holders and they fit the Chinese BXA toolpost I used to have as well as the Armstrong one I have now. The Aloris is in the top right of the pic along with 3 various Chinese made ones.
  9. John Conroy

    BXA toolholders

    I've been satisfied with the Accusize holders I bought on Amazon. The screws are better than some other brands I have.
  10. John Conroy

    Show us your pups

    I lost my best buddy Fraser to a brain tumor in June of 2020 and thought he would be our last pup. We gave in after a few requests from SCARS and adopted Skye in March 2022, a 2 year old Lab cross who had just weaned 6 puppies. She's a sweet gentle friend to everyone she meets.