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    Air Compressor [LIKE NEW - only $50], Edmonton, AB

    Looks like we missed it. The sale was February 20th.
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    JCDammeyer's 42 projects

    Sorry for your losses. Perry
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    Air Compressor [LIKE NEW - only $50], Edmonton, AB

    Do you have a link to the ad? The Ferrari? ;)
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    Air Compressor [LIKE NEW - only $50], Edmonton, AB

    That looks like a deal. :)
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    Tips/Techniques Which printer to buy advice needed

    Ok a few photos to make this less dry. Woke up to another PETG print success. Assembled and installed this evening. One item I do not like about the Bambu X1C is the AMS sits on the top glass. You need to take that glass off for some materials. With the glass off there is no place...
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    Welcome to the group. :) Perry in Calgary.
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    Tips/Techniques Which printer to buy advice needed

    Woke up to a successful print this morning. So far so good. Just finished setting up part two of this print. Another 9 hour over night print. It would appear that you could fall into having to fine tune filaments even if they are the Bambu brand. Even the same filament from the same...
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    Tips/Techniques Which printer to buy advice needed

    So first black hole learning curve. The Bambu PETG-CF printed with no issues using the default settings. Just started a riser project for the AMS and decided to use the Bambu PETG in black . (not sure if color matters, but I read black, red and yellow seem to be more temperamental) The...
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    I'm new

    Welcome to the group. :) Great bunch of gentlemen here. Perry in Calgary.
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    Atlas shaper 6 inch, $1234, New Liskeard, ON

    Couple questions? The ad says Atlas but the shaper has AMMCO on the side of it. Mislabled? I read around the net a little , looks like these are two different machines...but what do I know. Different companies? What is something like this worth? I see it has a vise and past threads...