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  1. Swharfin'

    Hello from Calgary

    Welcome Jay
  2. Swharfin'

    Hello, new member from Toronto

    Welcome from AB
  3. Swharfin'

    Old Busy bee bandsaw

    A worthy investment/project
  4. Swharfin'

    Hello from Okotoks, AB!

    And another Welcome from AB
  5. Swharfin'

    Hello from Rusagonis, NewBrunswick

    Another Welcome from Alberta MetalStump!
  6. Swharfin'

    Officially the Best YouTube Recommendation I Have Ever Had

    Thanks Pete I got a grin goin'
  7. Swharfin'

    Shipping Lathe

    I tried Uship https://www.uship.com/ca kinda like Uber cab for shipping/trucking. Was Quoted $1295 from a machinery mover and $500 from a Uship driver unfortunately I received his bid a day late due to time constraints. How ever you decide to go, have the machine crated up.
  8. Swharfin'

    Hi from Airdrie, AB

    @Madpiper Welcome seek, share, ask away we all learn something from each others questions and comments.
  9. Swharfin'

    Sourcing Metal | General Discussion

    Home - ASA Alloys Home | Carry Steel | LITERATURE - Redwood Plastics and Rubber Just some places I've used when you want what you paid for. NOTE these may not be the least expensive or the closest to you but I've found them to be reliable & accommodating.
  10. Swharfin'

    Hello from Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

    Welcome @Standard Modern 10” AH memories of Wasaga Beach in Aug. ( late 70's ) lol