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  1. curmudgeon

    CA-BC Grizzly order - anyone on South Island need anything?

    sadly, no, still unresolved - I have been using it as is and it is frustrating I priced out some brass at Metal Supermarket and have been pouting ever since. Thanks for the info about Lenmark.
  2. curmudgeon

    Email notifications not working

    my most recent email notification with post content was on Feb 25 my most recent email notification was on April 10
  3. curmudgeon

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    How do you adjust the backlash on the cross slide leadscrew?
  4. curmudgeon

    Stuck spindle gear

    Is there room for a bearing splitter, or similar home made wedge device, to fit between the gear and the take up nut?
  5. curmudgeon

    What I spent 20 years at is finally starting to catch on with my industry....

    The West Hills development area to the south of us has that type of Community Energy Service - https://ssl-bc.com/energy-service-2/ In addition to geothermal, they also harvest heat from the local ice rink facility.
  6. curmudgeon

    What I spent 20 years at is finally starting to catch on with my industry....

    increased EV adoption will help trigger TOU rates One of our vehicles is an older Nissan Leaf. In one of the Leaf forums a guy from England reports that due to difference in TOU rates he's able to charge his Leaf off-hours, drive as needed, and then tap his battery to sell back to the grid...
  7. curmudgeon

    Force GL-300CX914 lathe - $2,500 - Duncan, BC

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1752566325161880 Tempting... the 1 1/2" hole in the "HEASTOCK" shouldn't hurt anything.
  8. curmudgeon

    Busy Bee CX709 chuck help

    was just about to share the same... https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/cx709-lathe.889/post-8701
  9. curmudgeon

    Busy Bee CX709 chuck help

    Looking at the poor diagram in the manual, and reading your description, it sounds like the chucks do not have backing plates; instead they're attached by screws directly to a flange on the spindle with 3 (for 3J) or 4 (for 4J) screws. (total of 7 chuck mounting holes in the spindle flange) I...