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    I'm new

    Greetings and welcome to the forum!
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    Mill top of anvil flat?

    As long as you are not taking too much material off of the hardened face it should be fine. However; I would look at the side profile of the anvil and see approximately how much hard face is left on the anvil.
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    MrWhoopee Here

    Greetings from Calgary, Alberta and welcome to the forum @MrWhoopee !
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    Hello from Indiana

    Greetings and welcome to the forum from Calgary, Alberta
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    Scrolling Tongs

    I wire brushed them and the blackened them in the forge. Will give them a bit of bee's wax soon.
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    Mayers Bros. 50# power hammer, $5500, Battleford SK

    Cool! I have a Jardine as well. Had to replace everything from the pitman arm down.
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    Mayers Bros. 50# power hammer, $5500, Battleford SK

    The top die on my Little Giant had the same angle ground on it. I was told that the dies were modified like that to sharpen plow shares. According to the original specs, the dies can only wear down 20% of their height. Mine were we'll under that and I couldn't get the hammer timed properly...
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    Mayers Bros. 50# power hammer, $5500, Battleford SK

    I sorely wish I such a discerning eye when I bought my 25 lb'er; would have saved me a lot of money.
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    Scrolling Tongs

    Hammered these out over the long weekend out of a piece of leaf spring.