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  1. Johnwa

    Bonding aluminum to aluminum

    If you end up facing it off it will end up out of balance. How much depends on the amount of runout.
  2. Johnwa

    Fairbank Morse Lathe $150 Maple Ridge

    My Southbend has a Fairbanks Morse badge on It. Fairbanks sold SB lathes in Canada.
  3. Johnwa

    Free atlas lathe extended bed calgary

  4. Johnwa

    Cutting down DRO scale

    How good of cut you need depends on how close the read head is going to come to the end. Here’s an offcut of the one I did with the bandsaw. There is about ¾” of scale that I wouldn’t want the read head on. In reality it probably doesn’t come within 3” of either end.
  5. Johnwa

    4x6 bandsaw Calgary

    @Danzo187 I made a quick release nut https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/daily-shop-improvement.2035/post-25063 it’s at a bit of an angle to to the jaw. When the jaw is tightened the leaverage forces the threaded rod into the nut threads.
  6. Johnwa

    Lathe Change gears

    Other than the odd number, that gear could still be used instead of a 127 tooth. The error would be less than 1%
  7. Johnwa

    Lathe Change gears

    I get 128 too. wierd.
  8. Johnwa

    4x6 bandsaw Calgary

    I have a 7x12.
  9. Johnwa

    4x6 bandsaw Calgary

    Sold. Thanks @John Conroy