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  1. kevin.decelles

    Shop executor?

    ultimately I’m gone so I don’t care, and I’ve promised not to haunt anyone for giving stuff away…… but my kids will get first pass and I’ve asked my wife to call some of my closer contacts from this forum (you know who you are) to see if they want to offer on anything and finally just call an...
  2. kevin.decelles


    let know when you’re coming back ….. hopefully we can meet up. I’d love to show you the new shop but will also try to come to you somewhere on hwy#1
  3. kevin.decelles

    Best place for gas?

    Just leased a Q size tank from bumper to bumper (CO/argon mix for mig). 63 bucks a year and $64 bucks for exchange (taxes extra). Cheap compared to YYC. I think I'll be selling off my 'purchased' tanks now.
  4. kevin.decelles

    Back in the saddle !

    Another 70 days before I see the green stuff here.
  5. kevin.decelles

    Mill top of anvil flat?

    Yeah, I don't think my anvil is 'real'. way to easy to mark up.
  6. kevin.decelles

    Product Repairing a brand new PA lawn roller

    I’d repair it as the nearest PA is 2 hours away. I’d also email customer service to see if they’re kick back some money.
  7. kevin.decelles

    Tool Making Brushes and dryer tube clean outs.

    The rod material varies. I like the fibreglass ones for rigid pipe and the twisted wire ones for softer vent material
  8. kevin.decelles

    Tool Making Brushes and dryer tube clean outs.

    I use these on my pellet stove vents and dryer vents Dryer vent brush
  9. kevin.decelles

    WTB: 8x30 Knee Mill

    Confirming that 6x26 is too small?