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    draw bolt rod

    So what I ended up doing is I cut off the threaded part of the draw bar and welded a new section of threads off a Gr. 8 bolt. Worked really well and the thread fit is nice in the collets again. Great idea robinhood
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    Aluminum Square Tubing, $250, Edmonton, AB

    he must have got dinged pretty good for cutting and freight,not?
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    Today's Find. What's Need Got to Do With It?

    Not familiar with Jet bandsaws but by the looks of it I'd say it's pretty close to being in the "need" category. Good luck
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    draw bolt rod

    lots of good options and tips I never thought of. I'll see what I can scrounge up tomorrow.
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    draw bolt rod

    Mine is manual, and I always wondered ( being very familiar with air tools)how guys avoided over-torqueing these things. I guess you could regulate the air press. I like having the ability to feel how much torque I am applying.
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    draw bolt rod

    Great replies. My main concern is the condition of the threads . As they are wearing/distorting I'm afraid they are coming close to the point when they may ruin the threads in the collets. I was wondering what steel would provide best service for the draw bar. Cutting the old threads off and...
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    draw bolt rod

    i am just about to the point of having to make a new draw bolt for my mill. Standard size 7/16 NF like all the rest . Just wondering what rod would be best to use hot rolled or cold?
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    Shop CX709 & CX601 - New machines unpacked and in place.

    congrats on the new toys! I guess we can cut you some slack now knowing that they are actually in your living area !:)
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    KO Lee Universal Tool and Surface Grinder in facebook. 1600CAD . Deal or no deal ?

    It's a great deal. Of course my assessment may be slightly skewed (in favor of buying) but you can spend that much or more on a "d bit grinder" or you can spend the same amount and get yourself a REAL grinder. And it will do more stuff. I'd jump on it!
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    molten metal temp

    OK, just did some googling, and K type go from -200 to 1300 C . Good to know. I think I can get something rigged up. That's a handy looking setup John.Thanks for all the info guys! ( sorry, not ALL K type go to 1300C0