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  1. Billy

    Quick change tool posts

    I have several large size bxa holders I bought them here https://www.ebay.com/itm/283798231031
  2. Billy

    Accusize Rocks

    I do believe that was the first time I've have ever heard that
  3. Billy

    AXA Lathe Tool Post Set

    Sold the week after posting. Thx for looking.
  4. Billy

    AXA Lathe Tool Post Set

    Selling my comprehensive set of quick change tools. (Mrs Clause bought me a bigger lathe and bxa size tools are better suited) -The price includes shipping anywhere in Canada, feel free to share the listing -Will ship to the US at cost -Wedge-style AXA post -Variety of holders please see...
  5. Billy

    Sticky What Machines Do You have?

    Sorry no pictures, - A 10"x14" engine lathe (Korean) - A small floor model knee mill (Korean) - A round column mill (Chinese) - A drill press (Canadian) - A bandsaw (Korean) - A power hacksaw (American) - A Linde mig and Miller arc welders - A Smith set of oxy-acetylene torches (American) - A...
  6. Billy

    Available in Saskatoon

    If you need work done around Saskatoon (or willing to cover shipping) shoot me an email at Billytpower@gmail.com
  7. Billy

    Left hand thread cutting

    I'll make you a couple up, just pm me
  8. Billy

    Wood lath spindle adapter needed

    I see you said Edmonton only but if you have no luck. I'll do it I'm in Saskatoon.. email me BillyTpower@gmail.com
  9. Billy

    Chuck Backplate - Montreal area

    ya I'll do it. you cover shipping from Saskatoon. just pm me