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  • Spring meet up in Ontario, Newmarket, April 6/2024. Discussion

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    Grabbed a wood planer of marketplace

    B2920 -Super reliable, lots of power, but @1500 lbs + implements, usually runs out of mass before it runs out of hp.
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    Grabbed a wood planer of marketplace

    Here is a 4 inch Teco model (Timothy Eaton Company), Canadian made by Beaver and its replacement, a Canadian made 6 inch Rockwell-Beaver. i built stands for both the 4 and 6 inch models, the 4 inch had the motor mounted to the front, and the 6 inch is mounted below. The manual called for a...
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    Fire....Prepare for it.

    Last place I worked had a hot work permit system they were very anal about, for good reason. Things like removing dust, moving combustibles back 30 feet, having an extinguisher within arms reach, etc before the work even started. Then monitor the area for an hour after hot work is done. It...
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    Ontario meetup, April 6

    At this time, I am interested in attending, assuming weather and life co-operate. In August 2022, a Thursday, another member and I stopped in to Modern Tools-Newmarket, around 1 p.m. and they were, somewhat surprisingly, closed. So it is still on our to-do list. So I will also contact him and...
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    Washing Macchine Motor + PCB

    Are you sure about that? I just went through buying a new washer/dryer, and understood that Electrolux is a stand alone Swedish company, Whirlpool (that do make Maytag and others) is American owned, and GE Appliance is owned by Haier, a Chinese company. If I had to rate washers , which are...
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    Regal Auctions Calgary - January Sale - Modern 14x40

    Pretty sure the Modern C0636A is a 14x40. I believe some members on this forum have one. It is now about $10,000 new, but comes well equipped with extra goodies.
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    New Member from East Garafraxa, ON

    I travel through your little community once in a while, as we take some of the back roads, from the north, to Waterloo.