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  1. Jwest7788

    Mini-mill crash and burn

    I haven't yet got into nylon, sorry!
  2. Jwest7788

    3D Printers

    Dont forget that the bottom layer and top layer may not be the same diameter. This is due to the first layer's "squish" amount. Many slicers (Including Prusa's Slic3r) have "elephant's foot compensation" to impact the first layer specifically, by reducing the extrusion volume for that first...
  3. Jwest7788

    Removing PSA Disks - Help ???

    I know some adhesives can be removed way easier with scraping type methods if you leave the glued surface in a deep freezer for awhile, or outside if it's cold (see: really cold) out. Might be worth a try!
  4. Jwest7788

    New Feature New Content Ratings (Like, Angry, etc.)

    Found an image from "Fabulous32" on a drawing site that might work: lol
  5. Jwest7788

    New Feature Created a "Question Type" post type.

    This is an example Question Type post type. The intent is that the title be a question, like "How do I prevent chips from turning into a razor blade rats nest?" Then, question type threads can mark the best answer, and be closed, much like tech support sites, etc. See how to create a...
  6. Jwest7788

    New Feature New Content Ratings (Like, Angry, etc.)

    Added some new content rating icons beyond just the standard "Like" to give us some more feedback. This tool also lends itself to rating posts overall, which I am looking into with regard to Tool Reviews, etc. too. (@CalgaryPT) Hover your mouse over the like button to see more options. See: JW
  7. Jwest7788

    Forum Change Log

    Reworked the forum layout for forum specific threads like announcements and forum changes to make it easier to see when new features are added.
  8. Jwest7788

    Leaf springs circa 1953

    Got a picture? I would imagine leaf springs would be some type of spring steel, but that's truly just a guess. haha.
  9. Jwest7788

    How to upload images to your post.

    Woops, seems that image broke.... what the heck.. Man, this bug sucks. I think it's fixed now, should resolve in 10 mins or so. Edit: Ok, seems good now, will check back shortly to see if this holds...
  10. Jwest7788

    How to upload images to your post.

    All fixed up now! Tied to a recent update to an old system installed in 2015 which broke file management. All working now! Here's my dog as proof:
  11. Jwest7788

    First Project, Welding Cart

    Image issue was on our end. Is fixed now, go ahead and try again per @Janger 's note above! JW
  12. Jwest7788

    Forum Change Log

    Got this all fixed up now. Going to see if I can fix the few images uploaded in the last hour or so!
  13. Jwest7788

    Forum Change Log

    Working on an issue related to the forum's image and attachment storage. Test:
  14. Jwest7788

    3D Printers

    Cool, I'll message you.
  15. Jwest7788

    3D Printers

    What kind of printer are you working on? Look forward to seeing you both. ~2 hours a night for ~5 days Pretty lazy pace though. I could have hammered the thing out on a Saturday if I focused on the single task. I built it while watching Netflix, chatting with my wife the whole time. haha
  16. Jwest7788

    3D Printers

    @Alexander, Did you apply the Mosfet fix to your i3? Also, the wire crimp fix? That model has had two issues which should be addressed if you haven't already. (Both risked burning homes down) I have two printers, a Monoprice Select plus (~$400), and later upgraded to a Prusa I3 MK3 kit...
  17. Jwest7788

    Sticky Cool, I scored us a KMS Tools Group account.

    2018 update! I have this all sorted out now. All we need to do is fill in the form shown below and it sends a notice to our contact at KMS to connect your profile to the group automatically https://goo.gl/forms/PSNpTn70vVrPjKw43 JW
  18. Jwest7788


    Hey, What was the amperage and voltage range you ended up settling into? I can find lots of charts online but curious as to your findings. Nice, that looks awesome. If you ever have to remake it, I suspect that aluminum or Delrin might be better to avoid that issue in future. Becuase it's a...
  19. Jwest7788

    Private Invitational Meetup | Message to all users | Thread for questions and comments

    Here's the meetup details for anyone that didn't spot it: https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/premium-members-only-invitational-meet-up.980/