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  1. Alexander

    CNC small jobs

    CNC surfacing! Cool maybe @Janger has time to help you.
  2. Alexander

    Converting Mini Mill to CNC

    Yeah that will help you determine how repeatable the z axis is
  3. Alexander

    New to me Tormach PCNC770

    Looks good Kyle. You should do a short run of easy parts. You will really have the thing figured out after you make 20 lathe tool holders or wing nuts on the thing.
  4. Alexander

    Converting Mini Mill to CNC

    What is the variation on the depth of the blind holes?
  5. Alexander

    Lathe Jaws

    @kylemp and I have been working on this project for some time now. The idea is to make soft jaws that will fit an 8 inch manual chuck. This has proven to be more difficult than it sounds. The main challenge is recreating the teeth that engage the scroll plate. I didn't realize the geometry is...
  6. Alexander

    Plama cutters

    @Bofobo you could get an extension cord from princess auto and run it outside from your kitchen
  7. Alexander

    Plama cutters

    I have been curious about the really cheap plasma cutters on Ebay. Like this one. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Digital-ICUT60-Plasma-Cutter-Machine-AG60-Torch-Consumables-Free-Shipping/273724093162?hash=item3fbb3a32ea
  8. Alexander

    $1500 lathe

    I think it might be. You can try calling him and asking. If it is sold I'll update the listing to reflect that.
  9. Alexander

    Mach 4?

    I heard that the developers are no longer releasing updates for mach3 and mach4 isn't finished yet.
  10. Alexander

    My New Toy . . . Pocket NC V2-50

    Looks great. It would be a great to see a video of it running
  11. Alexander

    Tool box organization

    Yeah they brought it into Natayo where I work.
  12. Alexander

    Tool box organization

    Prices seem good. It was$85 for the 0-2" and $43 for the 0-1" . that price included the magnetic backs. The main reason I ordered from DMH was they deliver
  13. Alexander

    Tool box organization

    I ordered these a few days ago from DMH supply. Not essential but good for running manual machines without a DRO They both have magnetic backs so I can stick them to the ways and meashure tool movement
  14. Alexander

    digital mic's

    I bought an analog 0-6 insize micrometer set and they are really good for how cheap they are. Also i have some mitutoyo digital mics that have really lousy battery holders. I think the best way to pick the right tool is to see it in person before buying. that being said the Vincia micrometer in...
  15. Alexander

    Hydraulic pumps and oils

    I just had a CNC machine overflow its hydraulic tank. This was because so much colant had contaminated the oil. In this case the coolant from the cutting tool was able to get in the non pressure side of the hydraulic cylinder used to clamp the hydraulic chuck. It simply drained back into the...
  16. Alexander

    14x40 oil change

    Good work. I recently did a similar job on the mazak cnc at work. Same thing it went way to long without maintenance i hate that people don't take these things more seriously.
  17. Alexander

    brake line flare

    I have been following this thread closly. I really like your break flairing tool. Looks really good.
  18. Alexander

    Cobalt End Mills

    I would not worry about the drill point miss match. Should not make a difference at all. Just drill a pilot hole slightly larger than the web but no bigger.
  19. Alexander

    Cobalt End Mills

    Thanks for sharing that is a pretty good crash course
  20. Alexander

    Cobalt End Mills

    I took this picture to show the difference between these two drills. The right drill is HSS with a black oxide coating. I notice it comes sharpened with a 118 degree point. The left drill is Cobalt which is sharpened at 135 deg. I imagine they do this becuase when drilling harder materials the...