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  1. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Fly Cutter Tool Geometry

    This worked great. Interesting process. It sure flings chips all over. Have to play with it now and see what kind of finish I can achieve.
  2. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Fly Cutter Tool Geometry

    Hey John, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that and see what happens.
  3. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Fly Cutter Tool Geometry

    Brent H's contribution doesn't look anything like Tom's Techinques offering. Still confused. I'll pay for the HSS tool bit and postage if some one will volunteer to grind me a sample to use as reference. Once I see the angles I will be able to make my own. Anyone?
  4. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Fly Cutter Tool Geometry

    Remember what?
  5. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Fly Cutter Tool Geometry

    What's the proper tool geometry for a fly cutter? This doesn't look right to me..... but? I found this online http://tomstechniques.com/reference/ I'm still perplexed with the end face grinding?
  6. YYCHobbyMachinist

    1st Milling Machine......which

    Nice... What did that set you back? Kijiji a few days ago? I'm going to have to check that site out more diligently.
  7. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Finally got a surface plate

    I've seen these at BB. What are they used for?
  8. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Hello from the Great Lakes!

    Prairie dog number three here.
  9. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Lathes.. Lathes and more lathes

    Can you post some links please.
  10. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Calgary BB Clearance Machines

    BB in Calgary had a tent sale Sat June 1 (kind of a scratch and dent thing). I didn't make it but some of the deals were apparently very good. As of today, they still have a bunch of decent size clearance mills and lathes available. Most appeared to be a little over 50% off. No warrantee on...
  11. YYCHobbyMachinist

    New to me 4” x 36” belt sander

    My band saw doesn't appear to have a vertical lock..... Is that normal?
  12. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Looking for someone like YOU!

    gadgeteer appears to be a defunct technology if I understand what I read on this website. https://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/gadgeteer/intro.html Also, VS2013 is required to use the gadgeteer SDK (or so this source indicates)? Programing looks simple enough, nothing I haven't seen...
  13. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Looking for someone like YOU!

    In my previous life, I wrote RT apps, device drivers and device simulators in C#, CPP and others. No idea what gadgeteer is. What are you attempting to achieve?
  14. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Do-All 6x12 Surface Grinder for $400 (Kitchener)

    Link gives me " 20inch WHEEL & TIRE COMBO! BLACK WITH RED MILLING!-Financing available- Cadillac-Chevrolet-Chrysler-Dodge-GMC-Jeep- LG25 $1,390.00 "
  15. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Shop Built Steady Rest

    WOW nice work! Man, this inspires me to repair the rest that failed on me.
  16. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Cast Iron stock

    Why cast iron?
  17. YYCHobbyMachinist

    Mini Mill DRSs

    The bracket making was the boondoggle for me, that ain't gonna improve with repetition. 0.00x would suite me fine LOL.