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  1. Bofobo

    Back woods aluminum casting

    Both good thoughts but here is the video, and you can see the moment the real reason I failed.
  2. Bofobo

    Back woods aluminum casting

    It has been a long time since I have made a post. But I wanted to share this amazing failure. While I spend most of my time in the woods over summer I get fancy ideas, this was no exception. I dropped my dirtbike on a root which punctured my clutch cover, ok epoxy fixed it for riding short...
  3. Bofobo

    What air compressor CFM and reservoir size needed to run a 50 amp plasma cutter

    Lots of replies here and I am late to the discussion, I don’t have time to read them all but I see someone suggested multiple compressors, I have a dual voltage 110-220 fast cut 30? plasma cutter from Kms, 1 portercable pancake style and 2 dewalt single tank flat style compressors. I run the...
  4. Bofobo

    Game changer!

    My guess is the print plate registers magnetically and pops off with ease for consistency in the bed popsitiom from print to print
  5. Bofobo

    Machine A new toy for the shop.

    Are you not hole Stamping? I used an old sturdy baby fork beaten flat and a pair of regular needles with thimbles to make my watch strap and machete cover. Its a pretty simple tool to make if you wanted to go more robust than a fork.
  6. Bofobo

    Supplies Better portable bandsaw blades

    I go to all blades and pick a selection of pitches in a custom length and usually have them within 2 days, they have options on brands and various mixed pitches as well
  7. Bofobo

    Propane ribbon burner forge build

    I find the whole push fire down concept to be comical, it’s a beautiful forge.
  8. Bofobo

    Thread Gearing

    Once you get through the few learning curves of these machines, understanding it’s under powered and getting familiar with its other limits it will do things the internet said are impossible. To be honest when I move I’ll likely need to down size back to one again
  9. Bofobo

    Gib Strip on compund

    The trick is to use the locking nut on the gib screw to set the pressure, it can be very time consuming and tedious but start in the middle and work outwards, after you set the screw hold pressure on it in reverse (without changing its torque) and set the nut without over tightening. Remember...