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  1. Canadium

    Clearance of overseas shipment from EU

    A few years ago I had a large heavy faceplate for my my 15 inch lathe shipped from England. It was an Ebay purchase. Came directly to my door with no extra fees or border hassles. Maybe I was just lucky.
  2. Canadium

    Deals? Maybe, maybe not… Concord/GTA Ontario

    And don't forget the bidding is in $USD
  3. Canadium

    ITM calipers

    I have both digital and dial calipers. The digitals collect dust and never get used because I hate fussing with batteries. I am firmly resolved to never get another one. The dial caliper gets used all the time and I wish I had more of them.
  4. Canadium

    My 8mm tap plan.... Some pre-xmas fun.

    Mine is on its way to BC as well.
  5. Canadium

    My 8mm tap plan.... Some pre-xmas fun.

    Got mine today! Thanks Don! Will get out to the shop tomorrow and look for something to return.
  6. Canadium

    Tips/Techniques Evaporust turning steel black

    Once a long time ago I put a dividing head part into some old darkened evaporust. The part had rust on one section but was clean smooth and shiny elsewhere. The shiny part came out a beautiful black and I was wondering if this process could be used as a blackening agent. The black was not easy...
  7. Canadium

    Moore jig bore mill at auction, Wellesley, ON

    OMG!!! It closed at only $500!!! I should have bid! :(
  8. Canadium

    Moore jig bore mill at auction, Wellesley, ON

    Holy crap!!! I would so love to have one of these! I have always wanted one ever since I saw the one in Dan Gelbart's shop! Unfortunately I can't even see well enough to drive there right now. Otherwise I would have to build a special igloo just to house it!
  9. Canadium

    My 8mm tap plan.... Some pre-xmas fun.

    I sure hope these envelopes make it thru Canada Posts automated letter processing machines without issues. In the distant past I've had many envelopes returned because I put small stuff inside that jammed up their machines.
  10. Canadium

    Shop Inheritance Machining Episode

    Well Japan is in a high earth quake prone zone so the unstable base theory would certainly apply. I was searching the net for my original source last night but couldn't find it. In the process tho there were a couple of interesting points I came across. One is that the Monarch company did not...