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    What RPM were you running? Project Farm on youtube did a video on various Annular Cutters and even the cheapest one made atleast one cut through mild steel. Did you use cutting fluid or coolant? The teeth on your cutter look like they got too hot.
  2. Xyphota

    Bridgeport - diagnose and repair noisy spindle

    I’m on mobile so I can’t be fussed to link the videos, but if you look up H&W Machinery Repair on youtube, you’ll find they have 3-5 videos showing how to disassemble and reassemble all the parts in the head including the spindle bearings. To get the spindle out you’ll need to get the power...
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    Anyone looking to hire a junior-intermediate Mechanical Engineer?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm pretty comfortable with the hiring process, I was more so pitching the question about hiring situations where the position might not be posted in the usual LinkedIn, Indeed, Job Bank etc., for one reason or another.
  4. Xyphota

    Anyone looking to hire a junior-intermediate Mechanical Engineer?

    My company had to lay off 1/3 of its staff a few weeks ago, and my whole department got axed, so I took some R&R to travel Europe for a few weeks. I've returned now and am starting my Job search! I figured I'd reach out to you guys. If anyone has anything, perhaps you can private message me and...
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    A few jokes

    My favourite engineering joke: What do you call an airplane that is designed with a safety factor of 4? A boat.
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    Small horizontal mill Abbotsford BC 1000$

    I call dibs! Don’t any of you bunch even think about it
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    Xyphota's bicycle related projects

    Thanks! The bike under the cover in the middle pic is my Dad’s Kawasaki 750 Triple that he bought when he was like 16 lol, and the bike in the last photo is some mid-2000’s bmw touring bike he and my Mom take out for single and multi day excursions.
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    Alba 4S Shaper Clean Up

    @Degen Why not stone the ways? They have quite a few high spots from trapped debris raising burrs and what not, surely getting rid of the burrs would be beneficial? I know scraping would improve fitment, squareness, etc. but I sort of see that as a separate problem. Also thanks for pointing out...
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    Alba 4S Shaper Clean Up

    This is the shaper I got off kijiji a few months ago. It has sat since it landed in my garage as I wanted to finish my bicycle frame before starting on this shaper clean up. Note the top-slide assembly and clapper are not installed in this photo. I wanted to completely disassemble it to give...
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    Xyphota's bicycle related projects

    Here is a terrible photo of my finished & painted bicycle lol.