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  1. JReimer

    Spend my money!

    I haven't tried them but I am really curious about the Snapmaker J1. it was a Kickstarter from an independent that then got the rights bought by Snapmaker. It has some great stats on it. I have an Ender 3 pro and mentor with a kids club that has the Ultimaker and Tinkerine Ditto Pro printers. I...
  2. JReimer


    I love Tensegrity structures. I really want to make a large art piece someday. Way to go on getting one made.
  3. JReimer

    Sharp 12x37 Lathe $500 Langley

    I haven't had any response from the seller. maybe someone else will have better luck with this lathe.
  4. JReimer

    Sharp 12x37 Lathe $500 Langley

    how do you check the ways? I mean if it is really pooched it is easy to tell. but if they have just been 'sanded' out of shape I don't know how to figure out how much in trouble I would be. I sent a message but am not holding my breath as I can't rush out there.
  5. JReimer

    keller die filler Langley BC

    currently at $102.50 with 8 hrs remaining.
  6. JReimer

    keller die filler Langley BC

    yeah the BlondiHacks one is the same one that Clickspring uses (but he doesn't have a video on building it). Looks good. Makes me want to get this one day, or from the auction as my own kit :). Just can't decide if it is worth creating an account for... will keep watching and debating.
  7. JReimer

    keller die filler Langley BC

    well currently only at $25 so a good deal so far :)
  8. JReimer

    Heckert milling machine $600 B.C. Scrap metal a bonus bolts but might be something good there.
  9. JReimer

    Unimat Wishful Thinking $3500 Nanaimo BC

    I keep reading that as 'ultimate' wishful thinking.
  10. JReimer

    Elliott Omnimil 00 + Tools SOLD

    that is really cool.