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  1. justindavidow

    Another "Thinking about acquiring a mill" thread

    So; my mill arrived on Thursday last week (Jan 20 2022)! I was NOT expecting to have the mill in my possession this early in the year, let alone setup and hours away from being ready to make parts! When I initially emailed Precision Matthews to get the shipping quote; they mentioned that...
  2. justindavidow


    OMFG yes. I was just getting the time in life to go attend meetup groups, reconnecting with some old friends, and enjoying and appreciating being around people for pleasure.. in Jan 2020. Damn pandemic basically threw that out the window. One day when shit get's going again; I'd be...
  3. justindavidow

    3D Printing - machines owned by members

    I currently run 4 printers for various needs; Prusa Mini + Tevo tarantula XL TRONXY X5SA Folger Tech RepRap Prusa i3 Each has it's uses, the Prusa Mini is an absolute "set and forget" small format printer, I have never had a print on it fail and love the little beast. The Tevo...
  4. justindavidow

    Beginner machinist question??

    This is the way! Seriously; I cannot think of better life advice.
  5. justindavidow

    Granite Square sourcing

    You guys using ammonia on surface plates: Interesting. Don't you find ammonia wipes on the expensive side? I've never had any luck locating them without shipping them in (which I like to avoid) I've always just used generous isopropyl on shop-towels. It's cheap and plentiful to get a...
  6. justindavidow

    Granite Square sourcing

    Well: I may have to get in touch with them. 3K KM separates me from Athol MA: even if they are interested in working together on this, shipping on a chunk of granite is going to be expensive. If possible; I'd really love to find a Canadian supplier. Distances aren't going to be any better...
  7. justindavidow

    Granite Square sourcing

    100% If I were looking to buy something with single-micron levels of precision on 4 sides and <0.0001 degrees-over-length out square for a job: 100%; I'd go to someone who runs the cal lab itself. IN THIS CASE THOUGH; a square is easy to measure and like you mentioned: regrinding granite...
  8. justindavidow

    Another "Thinking about acquiring a mill" thread

    Well; I just got an email that my new PM-30MV has shipped! I was not expecting it to ship so soon; but what a nice surprise! I don't have tracking information yet (I have the details; but I expect it will take a day or two before it works!) and I have not yet communicated with the...
  9. justindavidow

    Cambridge - machinist newb

    I feel this one @ThirtyOneDriver ! Nothing wrong with learning and nothing wrong with "getting it wrong": I come from a heavy IT background where we preach "fail fast": you can learn the most when you know what doesn't work and why it doesn't. Welcome from Manitoba!
  10. justindavidow

    Granite Square sourcing

    That looks like a surface plate, but I'm looking for squares! :D Nope; def a granite square. Something LIKE a Mitutoyo 972-109