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    Taps And Drills
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    Mounting a 5C chuck on my lathe

    Did you check run-out of your headstock taper, front and back? It's best to be less than 0.0002" or better for maximum accuracy. And probably better if the runout is the same, near and far.
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    Mounting a 5C chuck on my lathe

    Which style head stock mount does your lathe use?
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    Mounting a 5C chuck on my lathe

    Have a look at this thread when I bought and installed a 5c collet chuck.
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    Tips/Techniques 3 Phase motor

    That motor seems to be IEC-European motor sizing.
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    Starrett Stuff

    I found a bunch of height gauge pieces on Ebay, bid on and won. They just came in. I just have to clean them up a bit. Only 2 of the scribers are a direct fit, the Starrett and the Brown & Sharpe. And two of the scriber clamps are Starrett, but one is missing the little flat spring. With...
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    Threading - 29.5/30 vs 90

    First off, there are a multitude of ways to cut your threads. They'll all work. And if you're happy, then all is good! But just because the new threaded bolt that you made fits into it's nut, doesn't make it to "spec". As you can see in the attached photo, there are all manner of dimensions...
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    Tips/Techniques An adventure in lost resin casting.

    Wow!! Simply wow! And I love those faceplate hold-downs.
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    Clarkson Mk2 Tool and Cutter Grinder

    You know.....the Tool & Cutter grinder has to be the most difficult machine to set up and use! I read you generally need 8,000hrs of experience for apprenticeship! I believe it. Using the milling machine: high school The lathe: college The T&C grinder: PhD. So many set ups, and tooling...
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    Clarkson Mk2 Tool and Cutter Grinder

    I'm still playing hooky from work wonder I'm so poor!! (No thanks to you guys!) Decided to sharpen an endmill's flutes. 3/4"HSS. I have a ton of dull carbide endmills that need sharpening, but I should learn on HSS before investing in diamond wheels. Turned out great. Definitely a...