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    Tool Coolant fix

    Nice job! Thanks seems a lot cle@ner and less hassle then a flood system
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    Tool Coolant fix

    Not wanting to run full coolant because of the minimal use thing. I was leaning to a misting set up. Most of my turning and milling are done with a small brush and oil, but on some big 4140 pins I just did a misting setup would have been beneficial I think. Thoughts? And recommended setups?
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    First mill machine, Innisfil, ON

    I have a mill like this one. Two thumbs up!! Love it.
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    So i drove past this today...

    Come on!!!! You gotta go for it! Think of it as manly yard art, if it doesn’t work out. I’d take that in a Shuswap minute to hide in the forest somewhere and watch the stories become legends. Lol!
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    Machine edge

    Stationary disc sander would be my choice
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    To Those in the Line of Fires

    It’s beyond your wildest thoughts out here, pure hell!
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    Excavator pins

    I miss read the post, and thought he meant the drill bit breaks. Silly me. These pins are cross drilled in the bushing stress zone, so we have no fear of them breaking.
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    Excavator pins

    You were right about breaking a bit! Agreed on the hole relocation thing.
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    Excavator pins

    Helped a friend by making a couple of pins for his excavator. He supplied the metal. He found a 7 ft bar 3 inch diameter with a bend in it at the scrap yard. Pins were to be 2.940 in diameter with a series of grease holes drilled across and a center grease nipple.. the turning went well...
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    Create a tool bar box using EDM wire cutting

    NICE!!!! That’s awesome!