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    Vevor vises....quality?

    Yes , in afterthought and confusion caused I should have put a hyphen in the name. As for shooting golf balls in cannons has been done for ions because of the availability of used balls for ammo. I obseved a cannon shooting copetion on time that one of the fellows was using golf...
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    Aluminum Chips press?

    If you have either style of automotive jack , hyd bottle or scissor screw jack you can make an add-hock press that will exert enough pressure for your project. a piece of pipe and 2 sliding steel plugs that closely fit the ID of your pipe will make a "squeezer". put the jack on a concrete floor...
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    Spring or star washer question

    You boys are too kind, referring to those clips as you the real world they are referred to by every level of swear word in existence by every mechanic that has encountered one....even when you learn how to handle them without issue, they still retain their proper place in the language...
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    Supplies Dykem blue

    The oldest form of marking for fitment is still used and is usually the handiest, soot coating from a candle flame has been used in gunsmithing since somebody thought up "hey lets make gunpowder"
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    Metal lathe for sale, $5500, Ft McMurray, AB

    worst work related decision I ever made in my life was turning down the job of running one of the bucket wheels at Suncor in the seventies....I wasnt married yet and the ration of males to females at Ft Mac was 6:1 ...and the camps were "dry".
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    Supplies Dykem blue

    I never go into the shop without a couple Sharpies in my shirt...I use them as you suggest and of course just plain line marking but they also work excellent as "bluing" touchups if you get a scratch that doesnt require metal re-hab......such as a very light screwdriver slip:(
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    Remote camera systems

    A close neighbor of ours was investigating the same type of system for his herd ( 300 cows) and asked a local Hutterite Brethren colony what they used as they are usually out on the cutting edge of new technology, their answer..." we tried the best we could buy and ended up going back to regular...
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    Laser Engraving

    There is nothing as unsightly on a custom barrel job as crooked lettering & numbers...and it happens 99% of the time on gunsmith installs. There is a master custom barrel maker here in Ab that made his own stamping jig and he used the same care and attention that he uses on his barrel...
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    ITM calipers

    You will chuck those Verniers when the screens on the digitals even get hard to read and you have to "have the light just right. It has been said "Necessity is the mother of invention" is also "the mother of preferences" quite often.