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    keller die filler Langley BC

    vintage machinery has pdf manuals
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    Tool 2-4-6 Blocks

    in the description it lists the weight as 8.26 kilos that is not polycarbonate
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    Parts Washer Solvent

    ultrasonic cleaners will not etch parts, but the cleaning solution you choose could
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    Parts Washer Solvent

    Try a small ultra sonic parts cleaner
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    Accusize clearance sale

    Before you buy contact them and find out if they are customer returns. If they are returns there could be issues
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    Sunnen Hone - Toronto -$200

    You find these in most engine rebuilding shops
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    Sunnen Hone - Toronto -$200

    It is for reconditioning connecting rods
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    Colchester Master 2500 DRO installation

    Craig I will try posting some pictures later in the week I am old school key word being old
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    Colchester Master 2500 DRO installation

    I mounted my DRO to the carriage on a vertical stalk retaining the swing arm any excess cable is tied to the vertical stalk nothing dragging in the chip pan or pulling on the read heads every thing is fixed to the carriage I also mounted the cross slide scale to the front because of the tail stock
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    What would you do with this Enco Automatic Facing and Boring Head?

    you might want to check out Stefan Gotteswinter where he modified a wohlhaupter mt4 shank to 32 mm to be held in collet do not know whether your shank is solid or hollow