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    Fixerup patch up

    I got some 1/8" and 3/16" round carbide blanks in a lot I bought. I made a tangential holder for each. When in use I stack them one on top of the other to fill the void in my lantern tool post. They are now my go to tool for turning hard materials.
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    Fixerup patch up

    Today I checked my milling machine taper. I can get my small pinky in there most of the way and didn't feel any nicks or burr. I took a fine scotchbrite and held it with a wooden dowel and turn the spindle power on. Raise and lowered the scotchbrite dowel a few times and then clean the taper...
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    Homemade Toolbit Grinding Jigs and setups.

    This one is homemade but from plans, I bought from eccentric engineering. It works, but does is finicky to set-up for one single grinding job. I adapted a holder to accept an ER collet set I had. I like the table design I made a second one and scribe some angles on the tables has guides. Your...
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    Quality countersink(s)

    I have a good quality butterfield countersink which produce a nice finish on the mill or the lathe. The cheap ones don't seem to work well at all in my machines. They leave lots of chatter marks. Recently I started using them in my cordless drill on the very low speed and have gotten some...
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    Fixerup patch up

    Made 12" of tee nut shape bar.Then proceeded to make some copy of the mighty bite low profile clamps.
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    Is this safe?

    I have done similar set up and found that a couple of C clamp on those plates would help reduce vibration between the plates and add some extra rigidity.
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    Spring or star washer question

    Yesterday I restored 4 scissor jack that used 16 E-clips each. I removed a total of 64 using a flat screwdriver while covering the E-clip with my finger tips. I am missing only one, it dropped on the floor and got lost in my garage floor mess. These E-clips were not the high quality spring...
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    Fixerup patch up

    My sticky MT2 milling machine spindle fix. I am getting tired and worried of hammering the draw bar holding my MT2 arbors. Has suggested I tried the dead blow plastic hammer and it didn't make a noticeable difference. So I finally decided to make a tool for the job. Luckily my MT2 spindle is...
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    Fixerup patch up

    Found 4 badly seized scissor jack in the dumpster. Just finished cleaning all the corrosion on the first one and it works great. It will be ideal for light lift and alignment setups.
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    I have got to try a plastic hammer or a dead blow hammer. My MT2 spindle is a real bugger to remove any MT2 arbor I stick in there. Everytime I hit the draw bar with a hammer I worry I will damage my spindle bearing.