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  1. Alawishes

    Little drill press

    I put a VFD onto the existing 3ph motor in a surface grinder, and they weren't cheap, although that was awhile ago and they seem to be a lot less expensive now, for example on AliExpress. The one's I've seen are often 220v in and out but now I see them in 110v too. I've found a number of 3ph...
  2. Alawishes

    Little drill press

    Degen, the caps sure make sense to help smooth out the voltage. I'd be willing to experiment with this.... do you have any idea of a rough place to start? I'd imagine there is some math involved here. I've seen one treadmill with the motor listed as 1.5hp, and it used a choke coil, that...
  3. Alawishes

    Little drill press

    Dave, I’m not an expert here. I believe the AC voltage controller goes from 0-100% and it appears that way with my motor. There is a great series on YouTube by DazeCars, who really seems to know what he’s talking s about — very interesting demos. He says a choke coil and ferrite core ring really...
  4. Alawishes

    Little drill press

    No link at the moment but check for AC voltage regulator 10,000 watt. I used a 4000w and changed to a larger one after it blew up. I used a 50 amp bridge rectifier but if I had it to do again I’d choose 100amp. I decided to use a metal electrical box to help with heat dissipation.
  5. Alawishes

    Little drill press

    I took the fan off and held that end of the armature in copper jaw covers in my vise. The big heavy flywheel just screws off and I ended up drilling into the motor shaft in 2 places to install 2 set screws, which actually transmit the torque from the motor shaft to the pulley. Fan back on. So...
  6. Alawishes

    Little drill press

    The motor on my drill press croaked and that was my kick in the butt to install a DC motor. Available for free on treadmills that people are giving away. My incredibly good luck the frame just bolted on, shaft size right for my pulley hole, and even the right colour! AC voltage regulator and...
  7. Alawishes

    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    Years ago I bought a 4x6" horizontal bandsaw. That nagging voice in the back of my head said don't do this because you won't be happy. That voice was right -- I hated it. Fast forward a year and someone took it in part trade and I bought a 7x12" bandsaw at Princess. MUCH better saw! The...
  8. Alawishes

    Brown&Sharp No2 surface grinder any good?

    Hi Eyecon, I have a #2 B&S surface grinder, bought years ago at an auction for $450. That was the cheap part. Being a 3phase motor I latched onto a VFD, and that seems to work well. The precision spindle bearings ended up being toast, but lucky for me (with good connections) I managed to get new...
  9. Alawishes

    Sticky What Machines Do You have?

    Danzo, good deal on the Darex! I know what a comparator is, but what do you use it for? Thx, al.
  10. Alawishes

    Tool Tooling up a milling machine

    I had to trim one of my scales to length — a little scary but I took it apart and used a glass cutter, rather than just cut the whole thing on a bandsaw (lots of YouTubers got away with doing this).