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    Quality countersink(s)

    I have a few multi flute carbide counter sinks from Fastenal they preform very well, just keep the speed low.
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    Is this safe?

    As long as you go slow it could work. I think a better option would to lay it down and use a end mill on the side. Conventional mill would work, for a better finish, climb mill. Second option would be to add 2 thick tall plates to sandwich the piece in the vise basically extending the vise...
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    Supplies Dykem blue

    I missed that one. It indicates one item , and I assumed it was 1 marker. but looking at the box it indicates 12
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    Supplies Dykem blue

    Wall Mart has a good price on Sharpie magnums.
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    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    I used type L coper for all of my lines and used regular solder. I found out later I should have silver solded the joints. It's been over 30 years and have never had a problem. Maybe just luck. The system runs at a max of 125 psi. When I installed my mill I used 1/2" PEX to feed the power draw...
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    Machine Air compressor muffler

    My compressor is in the corner of my garage. I piped the intake outside thru the wall with a small engine air filter on it. Very quiet now. It's a 2 stage Gardner Denver 20 CFM
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    Local 2309 Members?

    Retired millwright USW local 6500
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    round flutes in round stock

    Here's a 3/8 x 3" end mill. Just fill in your requirements
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    Product Hardness Files

    Managed to snag these from amazon for a better than average price
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    3.5" floppy drive.

    Contact the seller. They may just send you a replacement