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    Mill wiring question

    So, the mill I bought is a King model 31, which I also see described as a PDM 30. As it came, it's set up to run on 220 v, but the manual apparently allows for conversion to 110v and there are instructions in the motor junction box, which I have followed. It ain't working. Am I missing something ?
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    Tips/Techniques Mounting a mill

    I guess it's a basic question. Should I include vibration damping in the installation or not ? or does it really matter ? The mill is a King 31, weighs around 300 kg. and the stand is similar to this, except of course to accommodate the increased weight and size.
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    Tips/Techniques Mounting a mill

    I finally bit the bullet and bought a real mill, am a little conflicted about the mounting. I built a heavy duty wood stand to carry it, question being, is it better to mount it solidly or with a rubber vibration damper ?
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    Reminds me of the story about a tool being required to write in space, The Americans spent millions to get it right, the Russians just used pencils.
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    expired propane bottle ?

    Snipe. I've filled them with water and drained to remove any propane.
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    Shop New shop door needed

    Have to be careful with the rods on those prings You have to be careful, very easy to injure yourself severely if the rods get away from you.
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    Product Princess Auto tool box quality

    The base I built for my mini mill, but then I'm a wood worker first. ;) I used rubber mounting under the machine to deal with vibration. Works very well. Grizz
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    King Canada parts

    I did, very easy, prompt service as well, the entire assembly is on the way , cost wasn't unreasonable either. Thanks
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    King Canada parts

    I acquired a horizontal band saw that appear to be identical to a King Canada KC- 129C , no makers marks on the machine, they're worn off. It's missing a few part and I'd like to source them. The company has a parts web site so I know what I need, the right hand blade guise assembly, but I...