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    Hi:) everyone

    Welcome little John what part of muskoka are you from so excited that I'm not alone in muskoka
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    WTB: Atlas 10-F lathe Hor. Countershaft Assy

    There is a fella on kijiji close to you that stripped a 10 f check kijiji Hamilton
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    Ontario member sound off

    Well hello from Bracebridge were a distance apart but welcome aboard and as you scroll thru this group you will find a lot of help on a wide variety of topics
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    Group Sourcing Metal Ideas

    You would think a company like the metal supermarket would want a group like this that's all across Canada and offer some sort of discount. As hobbiest are we not some what there target
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    Kijiji lathe

    I'm going to say not much more than 600 and usually you can inspect them this one not sure why you can't on this one there was 3 standard moderns in thunder bay couple weeks back reserve was 2000 for 13/40s 2 didn't get bids that's close to our Alberta brothers
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    Kijiji lathe

    Well if I could separate lathe from cabinet I would be bidding they are 11"swing nice lathes But all I read from our brothers across the water were the lathes come from said that they are married to the base at factory
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    Kijiji lathe

    Well I'm not smart enough to add a link not computer savvy but to my Ontario brothers if you go on govtdeals .ca there are 4 Harrison L5 up for bid ranging around 300.00 I'm having a hard time not biding as they say not to remove lathe from the bench in everything I've read which won't work to...
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    Greetings from Ontario

    Oh my another member from Ontario welcome you will find lots of help and info here I'm in Muskoka Welcome
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    Anyone looking for a 7.5hp 3 phase VFD?

    Ok so most mills seem to be 1to 2 hp 3phase motors with this Vfd I can run 220 20 amp single phase in and be able to run the mill am I correct.
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    Anyone looking for a 7.5hp 3 phase VFD?

    Ok I've been trying to understand these vfd 's as they come in all colours and flavours .im looking to buy a mill this summer and have been looking now as I have seen here in Ontario the 3 phase mills seem to be a dime a dozen. So this Vfd you have a line on what size of motor are they for . Or...