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    Quick survey on Foundries

    I have a Gingery "Big Bertha" furnace. Will do aluminum for sure. Haven't tried bronze but will get a steel crucible white hot so who knows.
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    New Member, Regina, Sk

    Hi Dusty, it was actually while searching for Vickers Vedette info that I found your posts and this forum!
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    New Member, Regina, Sk

    Hello, Just introducing myself. Am located in Regina, Sk. Have a Busy Bee B2227L lathe, Princess Auto ProPoint 145 welder, and recently a Primeweld TIG225X that still need to learn to use. Involved in British Car restoration and flying, building homebuilt aircraft. Planning on a larger...
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    Vickers Vedette flying boat

    Hi Dusty, New member here and just came across this post while doing some on-line searching for Vickers Vidette info. I'm actually located in Regina and have visited the WDM many times, in particular to look at the Vidette which is very very impressive. Concerning the aircraft that sunk...