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    DIY cermented carbide tools

    Figured I could make a post how I make some of my tooling for the lathe. maybe is it could be of use those who want more shapeable tooling that is bit harder then hss or make some one off tooling for a task. You can use scrap carbide or pre made braze on inserts the process is basically the...
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    Tips/Techniques 3 Phase motor

    Making a pulley isn't that hard to make. Made one for the big lathe before I bought a keyway brooch I just used a endmill to make the keyway in pulley and added 2 set screws just incase lol O ye make sure you add enough extra length on pulley to be able to slide into or away from motor to help...
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    Anyone missing any Collet nuts?? Granby Quebec
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    Older CNC lathe 4k- Burnaby bc

    Could be interesting toy if not in bad shape but would need some upgrading to make user friendly.
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    Crafted mini lathe 200$ - new westminster BC
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    Old clausing lathe 750$-Kelowna BC
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    That's the beauty of this forms there is very wide range of skill sets and knowledge. We all start somewhere. And we all have made some mistakes along the way and if someone says there perfect I would be skeptical lol.
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    Ye I would try that next probly gonna be a slow go at her but should yield some results. But if your just making a non marring hammer out of it maybe look into going to the local tire shop get a bunch of lead or zinc weights. (Should be able to few pounds for free fairly easy) Then make a mold...
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    In this case picture is worth its weight in gold Cast iron is very different from mild steel. Friendly enough material to work with when good quality depending on type. but being a weight probly not the case and most likely you either hit a hard spot and/or friction hardened the hole your...