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    Vintage Supremacy 109.21270 Metal lathe, $700, Thorsby, AB
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    Baleigh Mill at auction in Regina

    26-1/2 hours left, $1650.
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    Vintage Milling Machine, $3500, Calgary, AB
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    Boyer Shultz Manual Metal Surface Grinder Model 612, $2500, Brantford, ON
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    Deals? Maybe, maybe not… Concord/GTA Ontario

    More & more businesses are refusing to take cash. I tried to pay a UPS bill of ~$28 w/ cash a couple weeks ago. Card only. I pulled cash out of my pocket & asked the idiot if it was still legal tender or not. I told him that it was still guaranteed by the federal gov't. No joy.
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    Universal Bending machine, Medicine Hat, AB
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    Craftex Cx700 metal lathe, $1800, Edmonton, AB
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    Colchester Bantam lathe, $1500 Ottawa

    <sigh> Those guys in the east get all the good deals...
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    Vevor vises....quality?

    Who was the vendor?
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    Shop Inheritance Machining Episode