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    Wade ring scroll chuck

    Any one know which way to turn the ring on a ring scroll chuck to loosen the jaws? This is not a heavy duty chuck, don't want to break it or the back gearing. Facing the jaw end of the chuck, I would think counter clockwise, as normal rotation while cutting would tend to keep chuck tightened up...
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    Who Sold or Imported Zay machines?

    Not a problem about working on it off line, getting old is what happens by being alive, and I do under stand about many chiefs and no others.
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    Who Sold or Imported Zay machines?

    Be nice to see the rest of the wiring at the terminal block. Have seen a few motors that the wiring of the motor is attached to the under side of a terminal block and power hook up is on the top side. Basically, don't move the motor wires, just hook power and or jumpers to the terminals as needed.
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    Identity of micrometer

    I also forgot, if you are comparing mics. or any other measureing equipment, try to make sure every thing is the same tempature. Do not hold the mic. for 1/2 an hour and use a standard that's been sitting in a hot or cold spot. The measurement will change!! For giggles, take a piece aluminum...
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    real old lathe is gonna follow me home

    It might be "tapered" from haveing been worn from many chuck removals over the last 100+ years. Look at the high part of the thread, the "peaks", if they are rounded, somewhat flattened off on the nose end of spindle compared to farther on the spindle, it maybe wear, otherwise ??
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    Identity of micrometer

    I have found a mic. or two that doe not measure consistently over their range, not sure why. Think maybe wear of the threads in a high useage area, perhaps having been "snugged" up a bit much and springing the frame, which may show up in faces not being parallel. Otherwise no ideas, if...
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    Shop Managed to get broken tap out

    I have never had a problem breaking tapes, just putting them back together! They only break on important pieces or in difficult areas to get at, and at the last hole of many done, just when you start to think you did it great. Yes, drilling a larger start to the hole helps, as does useing a...
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    real old lathe is gonna follow me home

    A friend some years ago had same issue, big old lathe, big chuck, small work, I gave him a somewhat "used" 4inch chuck. He just held it in the jaws of the big chuck. Done the many smaller jobs, and he was happy.
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    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    We would use a teflon/plastic? lined liner for aluminum mig welding, with a different feeder wheel on the drive. This was pushing the wire thru 12-15 feet of cable. This liner was changed out for a regular liner when running wire for steel/cast iron welding. We did not want cross contamination...
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    Welding table $280 Vancouver Island

    There will not be room. My wife is going to Houston for a quilt show, with empty suitcase, I have already been "told" there will be shipments arriving as there will be a courier on site. I just hope nothing bigger then a 20ft. Sea can.