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    Victoria - hoping to get a hole bored

    I'm hoping someone on the island might be able to help getting a hole bored in my headstock . I've got the 2 slabs ganged with bolts and the position marked. The size is 8" x 12" with the hole center to be 9" from one end. It is in mild/A36 steel, each piece 5/8" thick. I'll need it bored to...
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    Hello from the west coast

    It is addicting. I come from a wood/carpentry background but there's something very satisfying and primal about bending heavy metal to my will. Thanks for the positive feed back everyone.
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    Coil Springs.

    Capital Iron downtown has a large selection of springs in their hardware department. All sorts of sizes. Nuts and bolts, springs, and binding posts are all that's left of their once great hardware department.
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    Hello from the west coast

    Here's a few pictures. Excuse the messy workshop. This is the cross slide looking towards the headstock. I've got my spindle location indicated on the headstock, but still need to figure out how to get my 1.98" hole for the bearing cup. The compound location is on the slide in sharpie layout...
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    Sanding, grinding, buffing

    A couple of ideas. Could you mount your grinder and belt sander on a sort of lazy susan to rotate? Also you could mount your arbor over the other grinder vertically. There's many ideas on Google images if you search "multiple grinder stand". I can't post links yet but best of luck.
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    Hello from the west coast

    Hi. This whole endeavor might be quixotic, but has been great fun and an excellent practice for patience. While I love the idea of the gingery machines, I'm cursed by the fascination of steel and I also don't have the space to do castings where I live. I would like to make a shaper in the...
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    Hello from the west coast

    Hello from Victoria BC. Just getting into this fascinating world. I started out by making knives by hand, but got tired of all the file work. I then built my first machine as I wanted a belt grinder to make easier. I made a decent little guy out of salvaged and free materials. What followed...