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    Boxford Lathe for sale

    For sale on Kijiji in Windsor ON area. He is asking $700. Good starter lathe for somebody.
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    WTB Tool Holders SB 9 Latern

    Have two Armstrongs. No 2010L and a 0-R. Yours for the price of postage.
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    October is "Chuck Month"

    Thanks for the offer. The N03 and the 14N both take a Jacobs K3 key. Let me know if you have two. Gerry
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    Couple of small projects

    Good eye, yes it is. I have owned it for nearly 25 years, been a great little work horse.
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    Couple of small projects

    Finally got around to making a stand for my Milwaukee portable bandsaw. Used ideas from several others on YT. Incorporated a clamp on table for quick conversion back to portable use. In use as a stationary tool I jig tie the switch and connect my foot pedal switch. Also welded up a toe jack...
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    October is "Chuck Month"

    Or least it seems to be . Found the first two at a yard sale a couple of weeks back; a 6A and an 18N. Paid $50 for those two. Yesterday found a No3 and a 14N . Paid $80 for those along with a little metal set of drawers and a number of HSS Lathe bits. Can't complain about those prices. Of...
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    Yard sale and FB Marketplace finds

    Yes it is, even $350 is not a terrible price. KBC tools has the same set for $825 plus tax.
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    Yard sale and FB Marketplace finds

    It has been a good month for me in terms of finding some desired tooling on Marketplace or at garage sales. Since I sold my small shaper I have had no easy way to cut a keyway in pulleys or hand wheels. Luckily I came across this Minute Man set of broaches that will fit the bill. They looked to...
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    Delta 14" drill presses
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    Delta 14" drill presses

    Went to look at these this morning. They were listed as Atlas and when I asked him why he said he looked on the internet. Guess he did not read the tags. OWWM has a rule about that. Be surprised how often it happens. Anyway they are both are 14". The one in the picture is a high speed from...