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  1. kevin.decelles

    Anybody still using Mach3?

    Linuxcnc with a 7176e Ethernet , I converted from mach3 to avoid obsolescence
  2. kevin.decelles

    Which bandsaw blade?

    Did you mean 7x12? I always run coolant, I use the same blade for everything ….. I’ll look up the tooth count
  3. kevin.decelles

    Hey....just retired. Interest in smallish live steam.

    Welcome! What is your experience level Dave? Do you have to negotiate stairs or is there a walk out? Describe the stairs if any!
  4. kevin.decelles

    Parts Washer Solvent

    Pretty good. I’ve used it with various solvents such as varsol, simple green and pine sol. Pine sol did a nice job on some carbs. The heater is ‘meh’ and takes an hour to heat, and then there is flashpoint to consider. Parts don’t come out spotless, it’s not a caustic bath.
  5. kevin.decelles

    Hello from Regina

    Welcome from eastern Sk! I think we have enough people now to plan a meet up in 2024
  6. kevin.decelles


    I’m running this torch on my longevity weldall 250i I burned up the original when I forgot to turn on the cooler. I had to change the gas/water connectors but the dinse connector was good.
  7. kevin.decelles

    Other Basic Electronics, Multimeters, & Oscilloscopes

    Unit has arrived, haven’t unboxed yet as I’m working on new shop. Soon!
  8. kevin.decelles

    Quick and dirty brass pour questions.

    Final note, if confined to a small space, low volume requirement etc. i would definitely buy a machine like you posted as any casting is better than no casting
  9. kevin.decelles

    Quick and dirty brass pour questions.

    My thoughts: Expensive for the limited capability. Build the gingery electric furnace for a fraction of that with larger capacity Melting shavings for me is a non starter , especially for aluminum. I tried many ways including pressing shavings into a beer can with the press . Dross...
  10. kevin.decelles

    Deck problem

    @Janger , I’ve got the same problem here at the new residence.