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  1. Chris Roy

    eBay CNC 3axis kit

    Look up hossmachine. There is alot of info on the conversion. Mine was nowhere near 150$ though. That's the one I use. But I think the 380oz is the minimum recommendation for it. Anything else I can...
  2. Chris Roy

    Looking forward to this!

  3. Chris Roy

    Al in Calgary

  4. Chris Roy

    stage 1 conversion

    How is that kit holding up?
  5. Chris Roy

    Been looking at this mill...

    Thanks Pete. Tried looking up the mill and can't find much. Priced out his CNC components as well and it seems pretty pricey. He's already dropped it 600$ in the last 2 days
  6. Chris Roy

    Been looking at this mill...

    Saw this today. Anyone have any experience with this type of mill?
  7. Chris Roy

    Been looking at this mill...

    the bb cx601 is 2499$ I believe. Think I'm just gonna kijiji scan for a bit and see what happens lol
  8. Chris Roy

    2 x 72 grinder wheel

    Thanks Geoff, here is the link for the wheel set. think there are a couple cheaper ones out there now but that a rough idea.