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  1. KeeponDragon

    The seller thinks this 8x16" lathe is a good deal - Hamilton

    that poor little lathe... this guy must be snorting brake clean
  2. KeeponDragon

    Product What's your favourite angle grinder?

    I had 2 CT mastercrafts that lasted 15 plus years. And thats with hard abuse. I wasn't very proficient with my old flux core welder back in the day. I worked at CT Vernon for a few yrs. The hardware dept mgr mentioned at the time, they were made by Ryobi. Now, who knows. When the 1st one...
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    Mystery Mill

    This is why I enjoy this hobby so much. Never stop adapting or whatever to keep our machines alive.
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    Tips/Techniques Repurposed Hand Tools

    One of my customers knows I like metal. He stopped by a while ago with a box of tools he decided weren't worth keeping... So after rooting out a near complete set of 80's Craftsman wrenches, one snap-on screwdriver, and two sizes of channel-loc pliers... I let the rest gather dust til I had me...
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    Machine Dry Cut Saw build

    Ok, so @Janger asked to see my home made dry cut saw. I guess that description is a little misleading lol What this is, is a CTD aluminum saw that I converted (repurposed) after buying the whole thing for 80 bucks. It had a 3 phase, 308volt (I thi k), peeled that off, sold it, then picked up...
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    I have some wire rope for forging. Probably more than I'll ever use in 5 lifetimes lol I have the means to weld it, to keep it from fraying This is brand new rope. It's never been lubricated or put to service. So it should, in theory, work really well to make Damascus with. YES, I WILL SHIP...
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    Cooling fan conversion

    Nope...I've owned it for 8 now. It's an 03'. Might be a typo up top lol. I've put roughly 80 of that on myself. Been a great truck. I'll just keep fixing it until I can't anymore. It's still cheaper than the cost of newer vehicles.
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    Cooling fan conversion

    I won't bullshit anyone, I like the loud pedal. But not all the time, as that just gets expensive. Either in fuel consumption or paying the traffic tickets. 95% of the time, I feel like I drive pretty soft on the throttle. Will I pick up any mileage with this project? Don't know yet. But...
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    Cooling fan conversion

    Well, it "seems" pretty secure in there. When the fan engages, either high or low, it sucks itself towards the rad, maybe 5mm. But it IS pulling away from the hub snout on the water pump. The engine, a 2UZ-FE 4.7L V8, is a real workhorse. Iron block, aluminum heads, runs ok on regular, better...
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    Cooling fan conversion

    I took it for an uphill rip last night, kept the rpms up to try and stress it out, temp gauge stayed at the half mark. Half is about where the clutch fan would keep it, so that at least tells me it's working. Revs did seem a little peppier. It's funny you called my truck a it is an...