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  1. Doggggboy

    Supplies WD-40 & new VOC requirements

    You can order 20L pails of it from Tenaquip. Not cheaper than the spray cans when they go on sale but handy if you have one of those refillable pressurized sprayers.
  2. Doggggboy

    Schaublin 150

    Works fine on mine. Chrome in Win 10.
  3. Doggggboy


    Very cool. And a staggering number of Kant-Twist clamps at around 14 minutes
  4. Doggggboy

    Tool Thought For today

    "Everything is a hammer"
  5. Doggggboy

    Pump Oiler?

    The nozzle or tip will be different for misting than for oiling. I'm not sure if the pump mechanism itself would be much different. Could probably just drill out the tip if need be.
  6. Doggggboy

    North America Electrically conductive adhesives

    Thanks for the input guys. Seems unanimous that i'm looking for a unicorn.
  7. Doggggboy

    North America Electrically conductive adhesives

    Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for an ECA that would work with a lithium battery pack? I know there are various ECAs available but I'm not savvy enough to know if any would handle a Lithium pack. I know spot welding is used for joining the batteries in a pack but since I...
  8. Doggggboy

    Other Basic Electronics, Multimeters, & Oscilloscopes

    There are a few questions and answers about these boards up on PA website now
  9. Doggggboy

    Tips/Techniques Space Above a CNC Router Table

    Assuming there wont be overhead dust collection for the CNC, could you reconfigure the pegboard so that is is essentially a couple of pegboard doors that swing out on either side for accessibility? Move the gantry down to end farthest from the wall to get it out of the way and swing either side...
  10. Doggggboy

    Greetings from the West Coast.

    So.. You give your buddy a sixpack while you take care of the 26er and then yell "Send it"??? Dude...go climb a mountain "Tom Kitta"