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  1. terry_g

    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    I bought a pair of green Carhartt jeans years ago. I am amazed how long they lasted. They were on their last legs the button hole at the front was fraying badly and the button was pulling out of the fabric. I just could not let them go. I machined out a new button with washers that would clamp...
  2. terry_g

    Champion Lathe, $10,000, Moose Jaw, SK

    I used to run a lathe that had a 12" 3 jaw and a 16" 4 jaw. they both had a threaded hole for a lifting eye. I used the overhead crane to switch them.
  3. terry_g

    Any idea what this type of mount is called?

    I have been working on trucks for 43 years and I have never seen a bushing like that. The voids in the rubber are probably there to make for a softer ride. International uses a bushing with voids in the front cab mounts on the smaller trucks but its a lot bigger and presses into a casting.
  4. terry_g

    Any idea what this type of mount is called?

    What are the dimensions of the bushings? I remember helping someone replace a pair of similar bushings that held the rear suspension in place on a Dodge Aries.
  5. terry_g

    Identity of micrometer

    I acquired this used forty plus years ago. VIS made in Poland. Accurate and well made.
  6. terry_g

    Tools You Can't Buy

    I made a second pressure cap last night for the Hydro Boost reservoir. Its dimensions are slightly different from the Full Pressure System. It will get tested next week.
  7. terry_g

    Other Basic Electronics, Multimeters, & Oscilloscopes

    The new oscilloscope showed up today and so far I'm impressed. I compared it to my Iwatsu SS-5706A and they both read very close. The signal generator I used has a tough time with a square wave once over 2 MHZ. The iwatsu probably cost as much as a new car in the mid 1980's.
  8. terry_g

    Replacement Gear for Craftex CT089 13x24 Lathe

    I am interested to hear the members opinions on how to set the pre-load on the spindle bearings. The method you described where you give the chuck a yank would vary depending on the weight of the chuck and the number of gears that are rotating with the spindle when you yank on it and the...
  9. terry_g

    Other Basic Electronics, Multimeters, & Oscilloscopes

    I just placed an order for one of the 1014D scopes. It should be here Friday. I was considering a Rigol 100Mhz scope for almost twice the price but I just can't justify the extra cost.
  10. terry_g

    Other Basic Electronics, Multimeters, & Oscilloscopes

    Where can I get one for under $200? Amazon is asking $236 plus shipping.