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  1. slow-poke

    Gas fitter question

    Anyone know 24Hr test pressure for black pipe Ontario?
  2. slow-poke

    Anybody still using Mach3?

    That's correct, and now that I think about it I probably could use it with Linux, because IIRC, after programming the keypad, it just acts like a USB keyboard and regurgitates whatever key sequence was assigned to the key. If I wanted to change a key, I would need to temporarily hook it up to a...
  3. slow-poke

    Anybody still using Mach3?

    John, Thanks for posting the shopping list, very useful information. If I ever decide to "come over to the other side" I should be able to continue using the existing touchscreen monitor. I rigged up a small programmable keypad for common commands and easier numeric entry, unlikely I could get...
  4. slow-poke

    Anybody still using Mach3?

    I have a question regarding ease of use Mach3 vs. Linux CNC or the Acorn software. With zero experience I found Mach3 to be very intuitive to setup and use. How do the others compare?
  5. slow-poke

    WiFi Modules

    I built some remote multichannel relays using similar but different dirt cheap 433MHz modules ( not Bluetooth or WiFi) from AliExpress. They work very well and I tested them successfully at over 1km. I'm presently using one to control my water fountain, as well as aspects of my irrigation system...
  6. slow-poke

    Anybody still using Mach3?

    I have an islanded SBC running Mach3 under Win7 and it works fairly well. My hunch is if I ever connected this thing to the internet, MS would upgrade it and subsequently break it in a heartbeat, I'm letting sleeping dogs lie. At the time I setup this machine, the general sense I got was that...
  7. slow-poke

    The seller thinks this 8x16" lathe is a good deal - Hamilton

    Converting to CNC will fix the rust issues? Perhaps he should leave it the rain a few times, so the rain can wash away the rust. Obviously uses it quite a bit.
  8. slow-poke

    60G compressor with no motor - what's it worth?

    Well I asked the seller to send a picture of the welded tag on the tank, he did 2013! Magically aged 8 years in 5 minutes. I can't trust anything this guy is telling me.
  9. slow-poke

    60G compressor with no motor - what's it worth?

    I found this on marketplace, it's 2 YO, but with no motor (5HP) What do you think it's worth in present state?. [URL to google unfurl="true"][/URL] They happen to be on sale for $888 at...
  10. slow-poke

    My $6.44 Shop Vac

    We were at the cottage (Quebec) during the long weekend, turns out that if you're going to have a garage sale this is the weekend of choice, there were about 30 within five km from our place, and they post a google map with all the locations so there easy to find. Seems like the out in the...