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  1. Susquatch

    Tips/Techniques Poll - Paint Can Spinner - tell me what I should charge

    Must be something wrong with me. I keep picturing Degen with Racing Stripes cuz you sold him a 3200 rpm model with a built in can piercing pin....... Right now, I'm glad I don't paint. You would put double pins in mine. o_O:D:cool:;)
  2. Susquatch

    Playing around with Fusion 360

    You realize you have ruined a perfectly good night's sleep. I'm laying here visualizing the inside of a stupid radial engine. It ain't pretty and it sure isn't peaceful in there! I think my first instinct is probably correct. It's a bit like why are most 90 degree engines an even number of...
  3. Susquatch

    Playing around with Fusion 360

    Although I designed automotive engines for a part of my career, I have no idea why radial engines require an odd number of cylinders either. Didn't work on radials. Might have something to do with maintaining a smooth firing order. I can see 9 cylinders with that layout. It looked like 8 in...
  4. Susquatch

    Other CMTS/SME Show

    To be honest, I don't really know. That's all over my pay grade. I was just using it as a reference to talk about the high cost of industrial equipment. I suppose I could figure it out though. I do know that there are corporate farms around here that farm 2,500 acres that have million dollar...
  5. Susquatch

    Playing around with Fusion 360

    I have the same problem. But I migrated from CATIA. I can't even remotely afford a CATIA seat. Not happening. But you are WAAAAY ahead of me making a part like that in Fusion. My compliments! Did you mean 16 cylinder? I can only count 8 cylinders per bank. Still an amazing build if you can...
  6. Susquatch

    Other CMTS/SME Show

    This has been a long time coming. I remember looking at sintered metal rapid prototyping at Faraunhofer in Germany 20 years ago and it was nowhere near prime time yet. It takes a long time to make stuff like that commercially ready. But affordable Metal 3D printing would be soooooo tempting...
  7. Susquatch

    Other CMTS/SME Show

    Not me. I get enough disappointment going to the odd farm show. Multimillion dollar combines are not any higher up on my shopping priority list than that stuff is.
  8. Susquatch


    No need to apologize. Duplication is a fact of life with so many members. Although my memory is crap, I don't recall seeing anything like that before.
  9. Susquatch

    Schaublin 150

    Works fine on my Android with Norton Security.
  10. Susquatch

    Shop Shed build underway

    Whatever you do, don't look at Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver. All three have thriving Chinese communities, but.... with the housing prices they might as well be on Mars with weekly shuttle service included. Just draw a 1 hour circle around these places (100 km), and look outside that. That...