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    The tronxy lives

    Looking further into your post....shrinkage. PLA - I leave the part fan off for the first 3 layers, then they seem to stick better without warp. Cooling will cause the shrinkage - think "tubing down the Elbow in springtime". (Yup, born and raised in Calgary...Go Flames!) Get your first layer...
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    The tronxy lives

    Yo Ryan... *quote* It does some funny things maybe other tinkerer 3d printer guys can won't heat up to the bed temps and extruder temps before printing...I have to manually do that for some reason, maybe that's a Cura setting go astray? * end quote* I am unsure of the Tronxy...
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    Product Aircraft hardware

    These are Hi-Loks or Hi-Lites. They are an interference fit fastener that are generally stronger than rivets and serve as a permanent type fastener. Airframers use them on frame/stringer joints etc.