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    Sharpening carbide inserts?

    Sure. It depends on the insert design, how worn / damaged - oft times they can be touched up a few times. I picked up a “carbide” grinder at auction. It is branded Carbaloy, but made by Ex-Cell-O. The new wheel was very expensive, but it does an awesome job.
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    Truing 3J chuck jaws - another thread

    I’ve had this chuck a long time, the gripping section is getting a bit uneven. The jaws were bell mouthed ~0.003” radially. After watching Robin’s video, I felt I could do that. As has been much discussed, the biggest challenge can be setting up the loading arrangement. There are a few...
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    what solvent is best for flushing hydraulic system

    As others have said, flush it with hydraulic oil. On my TOS SG, the hyd oil sump was horrible. I added a bypass filter off where the pressure gauge goes (just a spin on from PA). A 1/16“ orfice worked out great (remember the oil pressure is pretty low). I added the filter after the first...
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    Looking for ISO 2 very light spindle oil

    From McMaster I only see it in a 5 gal pail, still cheaper per litre - but much more than I’d use in a life time.
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    Looking for ISO 2 very light spindle oil

    Mobil Velocite #3 is probably one option for you (and my SG as well). Smallest volume I can find is 20 litre. My spindle holds about 1.5 litre. Available by the litre out of England! Ebay.ca
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    Looking for ISO 2 very light spindle oil

    I too have struggled to find light oil for my SG. I used KBC EEZ Spindle oil for my surface grinder. It is available in a 1 US gallon jug. In their online catalog, it is described as 10wt, the label on the jug is ISO 10. The manual calls for 1.3-1.5 Engler at 50 degrees C. It goes on to...
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    Line shaft speed

    The 4J looks like a “Union” chuck. The jaws probably are not very hard, you could simply machine them. The trick will be to make up a loading ring for the jaws (couple options there).
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    Tool Hard vise jaws?

    I have 3 Kurts (and just ordered another on the same sale that DavidR8 referenced), whatever the jaws are made out of, they are pretty hard and tough. The first Kurt I got the jaws were in tough shape, I gave them a little lick on the surface grinder - they are still hard. My vote is that Kurt...
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    Grinding wheel adaptor Question

    No. There are smaller grinders or larger grinders and they will have smaller or larger spindles - that's obvious, we won't talk about that. Sticking to the small grinders, there is some variation (the Sopko web site / catalog lists a bunch). My 618 surface grinder and Cinci T&C grinder have...
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    Alba Shaper 4S Shaper, $1200, Calgary, AB

    My latest move was a 3000# surface grinder. I used a tilt deck trailer from United Rentals. The seller had some 4” wide strips of hard plastic (~1/2” thick) - walked it along with a crow bar, then pulled with a comalong. For the drive I put the machine down on the wooden trailer deck (3000#...
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    Tool Lathe parting tools

    The GTN blades in the separate clamp holders have been working out well for me, whether in the CXA on the 15” lathe or 40P “E” holder in the 11” Smart & Brown (quite a sturdy little lathe). Depending on the machining details (material, size, part / setup rigidity) it may still chatter. The...
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    Tool Lathe parting tools

    Another thread on lathe parting tools. Over the years I have tried / used a few different parting tools and found the GTN style carbide insert works well for my use (with the clamp in block for a regular tool holder). The generic HSS blade and holder that is commonly included in a qctp set...
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    Metal lathe 28” swing x 8’ between centers, $14,000, St. Albert, AB

    It is a great machine - if you "need" one that size, have the power/space etc. The surface grinder shown in the back ground now has a new home :). Shown here before and after clean up (ground some mild steel plate and made up matching soft jaws for the Kurts).
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    VFD questions

    I’ve had a VFD on a 1970s drill press (3/4 hp, 6 pole motor is not VFD rated) for ~10 years. The VFD is an Allen Bradley, vintage the late ‘90s. Per comments above it is a low duty cycle. I had one job of tapping hundreds of holes and set the drive up for rapid reversal on a foot controlled...
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    Supplies KBC shipping

    Over about $500 it is free shipping. Pretty easy to exceed that number.
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    Standard modern 1230 utilathe… value?

    There is a carriage lock over on the RH side of the carriage. A carriage stop that bolts to the bed is something one could make. There is probably an official SM carriage stop that could be purchased as an extra. The manual shows a micrometer carriage stop. The manual also shows a “metric...
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    Standard modern 1230 utilathe… value?

    You can set that up to cut metric threads. That lathe will have an Imperial thread on the lead screw (very common). You would need to acquire the mechanical conversion gear (usually 127 tooth gear), then work out what gearing selection on the quick change box is need, perhaps some other back...
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    3 Phase Lathe Available in Timed Online Auction, Gibbons, AB

    Not much for pictures in the add. It would be nice to know if there were any steady or follower rests, chucks etc - some information on the size, power? Obviously a pretty good size machine. Ought to have read the rest of the add! Perhaps a 24” swing? Power is complicated.
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    Tool Tooling up a milling machine

    The possible tooling list is nearly endless! The suggestions above are all good. If you can afford it, then see comments above. If you are tight on cash, purchase what you need for whatever project you are working on - that way the tool will get used at least once. I don’t follow the advice...
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    What material should Camlock cams and stop bolts be made from?

    I had a similar problem on my Smart & Brown (classic little English lathe, about 50 years old), all 3 cams were broken/split. I suspect the damage was from using an under sized key. The cams on my 30 year old Enterprise lathe were the same (cool). Anyway I went to a used machine dealer - they...
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    jung-415 surface grinder -- Circuit modification

    Quite a project he has there. I like the photos.
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    Tips/Techniques Use of boring bar - really basic question

    I like the cutting edge slightly above center. The bar is going to deflect a little from the force of cutting, if it is a little above center, then the deflection reduces the depth of cut (a small amount). If you start on center, then the deflection causes a deeper cut (and increases the load...
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    SM belt changes

    I believe Cryoine has it right. Your top pulley was fine (that is what my 11LD looked like when it came to me). With your switch around, you now have the top pulley on backwards. As others have said, one pulley was on backwards, it is the motor pulley that was wrong. Standard Modern uses...
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    Getting near the limits?

    How long do you want your tool to last? In machining nearly everything you do has a trade off. I’m not in a hurry, and I like to make my tools last - so like others have said, reduce the spindle speed. Often the #1 problem is recutting your own swarf, second is tool life goes down as the...
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    Mill Machine / 40 taper / DRO, Tofield, $3500

    Pretty nice looking machine. He also has a good size gear head drill press and ~16” Torent lathe (perhaps from an Alberta Government Surplus auction - NAIT had a bunch of those in the early ‘80s).
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    Not really a deal: Sharp 1440 Lathe, West Kootenays

    I don’t think the price is out of line at $14.5k. He likely is prepared to move a bit, sort of a game to offer a bit less than asking - if you want 13.5, you have to ask higher. He certainly did not overpay in the first place - he went to the dealer with eyes wide open. I know plenty of guys...
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    New member bought a new to me Standard Modern lathe. Have a question about the model #

    Welcome to the group. Looking forward to pictures when you get it home and how it is working out for you.
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    Made in Taiwan vs Made in China

    The Chinese manufacturers have a reputation of making what the customer is prepared to pay for. If you want the absolutely lowest price, they can do that, but it will also be the lowest quality. If you are willing to pay for a good product, then it is going to cost about the same as anyone...
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    HAAS CNC manual milling (fly by wire milling)

    BP VMC was made in 1998. VGH monitor. Basically the HMI (human machine interface) runs on a pentium PC - Dos 6.22, it even has a 3.5” floppy drive (since converted to a USB mimic of a floppy). The advice I’ve been given is that if it works as original, then leave it alone. At the beginning...
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    HAAS CNC manual milling (fly by wire milling)

    A few simple lines of G1 is no big deal. Of course if you goof up the numbers, you’ll get a bad outcome - same problem on a manual machine. I pump in manual Gcode all the time (either at the machine or with a simple text editor). For a quick cut, I’ll often go to the VMC, for all the reasons...