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  1. 140mower

    What a beautiful Saturday to not be inside

    Took a mini overnight vacation at one of the local lakes on Saturday and Sunday. Was planning on going for two nights, but the truck and camper were being disagreeable on the subject, and since the lake is less than a half hour away we just shortened the weekend a little.
  2. 140mower

    They finally found it in the warehouse and I brought it home.

    I will have to read Grampa's book again and re-establish the connection between them. I assumed the Amphion..... I have a silver cup that was presented to my great grandfather from the crew of the Amphion in 1905. There was a bit of a disconnect between my grandfather and his parents, so not...
  3. 140mower

    They finally found it in the warehouse and I brought it home.

    Just because it's a small world, I believe that ship was the HMS Amphion and my Great grandfather was it's captain, that connection was how my grandfather came to your ranch briefly in the early '30's....... Not that that helps move John's rock any.....:rolleyes:
  4. 140mower

    Drill mill, $1000, Cobourg, ON

    I don't see a readout, but it looks to have scales on the table and quill.....
  5. 140mower

    Foothills County Member

    Welcome from Lillooet BC.
  6. 140mower

    $70million Lotto Max

    This might not be of much help, but if you folks find it too much of a struggle....... I'm a pretty good spender, you could send over the excesses and I'll show you how it's done. :rolleyes::p
  7. 140mower

    South Bend

    Well, with all the Johns on this forum, a quick stop at the mustang ranch might be the incentive needed to make the sale.....:eek::rolleyes:
  8. 140mower

    13-40 Metal Lathe with DRO for Sale

    .... Age is only a number, I find myself reminding myself of this more and more frequently these days, but quality old iron is timeless. Congratulations.
  9. 140mower

    13-40 Metal Lathe with DRO for Sale

    ....... Looking forward to seeing what you replace it with..
  10. 140mower

    An introduction

    Welcome from Lillooet BC.
  11. 140mower

    What's Paul up to?

  12. 140mower

    Hardinge HC Chucker $2800 Salmon Arm BC

    Drives me crazy when the flipper can't even be bothered to unload it from the trailer before listing it..... However, my little path to crazy is a short one, your milage may vary.......:rolleyes:
  13. 140mower

    Craftex cx704 7x12 metal lathe mini - $900 - Calgary, AB

    It said no longer available for me......
  14. 140mower

    Repair a very old vertical drilling machine

    Well, it probably wasn't the most fun you ever had, but the results look great..... Well done.
  15. 140mower

    Propane ribbon burner forge build

    I get red X's as well.......
  16. 140mower

    Boxford Metal Lathe $2,500 Ennismore On.

    By fixings, does that include Yorkshire pudding and gravy?........ 'cause I don't see chucks, steadies, faceplate, dog driver etc. :rolleyes:
  17. 140mower

    SM 72T Bull gear

    How bad is your gear? There's several different methods of repairing gear teeth. Try getting us a picture and perhaps we can help you help yourself out of a spending spree......
  18. 140mower

    KBC Tools & Machinery recent Catalogue

    ...... A life sentence is a life sentence, no matter what name the penitentiary has.....:eek::rolleyes:
  19. 140mower

    Automation help

    Yes, I am looking forward to using it next year. We haven't quite had our chickens for a year yet, so the composting has just begun, and you don't want to use it too soon for fear of Salmonella or burning the plants.
  20. 140mower

    Automation help

    Yes, a predator apron is a necessity, as are safety latches on the doors and windows, as raccoons are quick learners and resourceful critters.....
  21. 140mower

    Automation help

    No, it didn't generate that much heat in the coop, but with a little bit of tweaking, I think the resulting manure is going to provide some nice early season heat to the greenhouse. .....
  22. 140mower

    Automation help

    We were down to minus 30 or so for quite a while last winter and they faired well. But I wrapped it in clear poly, leaving just the eves open. One of the supposed benefits of using the deep litter method that Carolina Coops advocates is that the composting manure is generating heat in the...
  23. 140mower

    Automation help

    I shamelessly copied Carolina Coops design when I built ours. The only thing automated about ours is me, and unfortunately the memory stick seems stuck at times.... I don't open and close the door to the hen house, because the run is completely enclosed it isn't really needed
  24. 140mower

    Mangled Threads

    Welcome from Lillooet....
  25. 140mower

    Line shaft speed

    My old plain bearing south bend runs a lineshaft speed of 240 rpm, I am pretty sure that the old K&T is also supposed to be 240 rpm.....
  26. 140mower

    Pair Of Double Machine Vises $300 Surrey BC

    .....you sure about that? I lived in Surrey for a couple years, and wouldn't wish that on anybody. My apologies to anyone living there, just hard to take a boy out of the country and stick him in the 'burbs and have him fit in......:rolleyes:
  27. 140mower

    How often do you sharpen your lawnmower blades?

    I always check the balance after sharpening. I don't know if it helps any, but, it is one of my few good habits. :rolleyes:
  28. 140mower

    Lathe DRO-Aikron A30 LCD

    ......easy there big fella, sounds like you are side stepping the clutch and pulling out of the pit lane..... hope you are running your rain tyres.....:p
  29. 140mower

    Machine Machine moving

    Nice..... Both, the load and the trailer, 21,000 lbs capacity lets a guy get a little bit carried away from time to time... I'm restricted to 14,000, you know, to keep me grounded. :p