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  1. darrin1200

    Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest 2023

    how did I miss that? LOL
  2. darrin1200

    Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest 2023

    IIRC it’s about 3or4 in the afternoon
  3. darrin1200

    Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest 2023

    Thats why there is a camping option. LOL
  4. darrin1200

    Great Canadian Rust Junkie Fest 2023

    Not sure if anyone here is interested. This is a great day out in Eastern Ontario, just southwest of Ottawa. What started out as a bunch of guys meeting up to sell and swap a few tools, has turned into a full blown event with a sell and swap in the morning, demonstrations throughout the day and...
  5. darrin1200

    Craftex 12x37 lathe - Ontario

    Available in Ottawa, Ontario $1500 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2288251744718660/?mibextid=6ojiHh
  6. darrin1200

    2023 May Meetup - Calgary organization thread.

    Looks like you guys had a great time, and some good food.
  7. darrin1200

    2023 May 6 Meetup - Toronto thread

    Looks like it was a blast. I hope to come down next year.
  8. darrin1200

    2023 meetups

    I’m glad is was a great event. Hopefully some pictures will get posted here, so we can enjoy it vicariously. LOL oops. Just saw the pics in the other thread.
  9. darrin1200

    2023 May 6 Meetup - Toronto thread

    Hope you guys have a great meet up today.
  10. darrin1200

    Mini lathe central machinery $200 London

    Thanks. For my purposes, the price was perfect. Good luck on your sale.
  11. darrin1200

    Mini lathe central machinery $200 London

    Thanks @Susquatch . Looks like it’s gone. I figured it would go quick.
  12. darrin1200

    Mini lathe central machinery $200 London

    I would take this in a heartbeat if it was closer. If someone near london could grab it for me, and hold until I could figure out how to get it east????
  13. darrin1200

    Milling Machine / Drill Press "Super X2", $400, Parry Sound, ON

    Dang I wish that was closer. I would buy today.
  14. darrin1200

    a minor miracle just occurred in Canada

    Being born in 65, I have to admit I am one of those Leaf fans. LOL
  15. darrin1200

    Which lathe models that have D1-3 camlock spindles?

    I got parts for my 10” Utilathe, which uses D1-3, from Racer Machinery in Cambridge. They own Standard Modern as far as I know, and still supply parts for older machines. +1.519.623.6223 https://standardmodernlathes.com/
  16. darrin1200

    New Member

    Welcome from Eastern Ontario.
  17. darrin1200

    2023 meetups

    I’m only about 40 min south of Ottawa
  18. darrin1200

    ? for the woodworkers here

    This is what I was doing with my incident, but my piece was too thick for the length and flipped up off the blade. My left hand (feather board) took its place.
  19. darrin1200

    ? for the woodworkers here

    I guess in reality, I am more woodworker than metal worker. LOL As was mentioned above, there are a lot of ways to push wood through a saw, but the best way is with a well thought out plan and full attention. I have two grippers, and swear by them. Getting them was the only way I could get...
  20. darrin1200

    2023 meetups

    I know there are a lot of hobby machinists over here in Eastern Ontario, but I’m not sure how many we have on the forum.
  21. darrin1200

    How to share the forum with a QR code

    Cool idea. I was just s-reading the word the other day. This would have been handy.
  22. darrin1200

    classifieds not allowing follow up posts

    No. I posted this comment just after I made the reports on my posts. Sorry for the confusion. Thank you for working this.
  23. darrin1200

    classifieds not allowing follow up posts

    Ahh. That explains my issue. I used the report function to request my two latest posts be closed, because they are sold. Thanks.
  24. darrin1200

    SOLD- Parts for Craftex B1979C 7x8 lathe

    I picked these up a few years ago for a wild idea of adding it to my wood lathe. Naturally, this never occured. LOL It looks like its the complete cross slide and apron assembly, as well as a part of the threading gears. SOLD - I’m asking $100. But I am also open to offers. This item is now...
  25. darrin1200

    SOLD - Small Quick Change Tool Holder

    This came on my SM 10“ Utilathe when I got it. I picked up an AXA QCTP right away and these have sat in a box since. Trying to clean out some stuff. It has a spacer plate that lifted it to the right height for my lathe, as well as 10 tool holders. Holders will fit a 1/2” tool. Not a great...
  26. darrin1200

    E transfer payment reversed?

    I’ve never had issues. But I also don’t consider a transaction complete until I get the message that it has been auto deposited. However, I’ve had that confirmation take as much as an hour. I still feel confident using e-transfer.
  27. darrin1200

    Heading East! Ya Mule Ya!

    I wanted to make a smart ass remark, but I’m getting ready to go out and shovel our most recent foot of snow, here in Eastern Ontario.
  28. darrin1200

    CA-ON Looking for Brass rod in Ottawa

    I didn’t miss the shipment, FedEx always drops it at my door. Due to a series of unlucky timings, my parcel didn’t get onto a FedEx truck for 6 days. Once it was on the truck, it arrived the next day. I have spoken to the guy about picking it up but that doesn’t really work. His Brick&Mortar...
  29. darrin1200

    CA-ON Looking for Brass rod in Ottawa

    Mine arrived finally arrived on Wednesday. A little disappointing, considering they are less than an hour away. It was just an unlucky alignment of timing with FedEx. Really solidly packaged. I may take a drive up there in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been there since last year.