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  1. Proxule

    It appears I've broken my printer...

    Im not sure on the specifics for your printer but yes if you can swing the cost. Direct feed is normally superior vs. Bowden. Shorter retraction and easier to feed filament like TPU. GLUCK
  2. Proxule

    Clausing Colchester 13x40 $8910 Langley BC

    Lenmark industries....
  3. Proxule

    Automation help

    No just a wife!
  4. Proxule

    It appears I've broken my printer...

    Swapping the leads out like you did, indeed narrowed it down. But we can only hope the VREF supplied to the z axis is the same as the extruder stepper. Did you try manually turning the gear on the extruder to see if its locked up? Silver lining is these are common cheap steppers and amazon will...
  5. Proxule

    13x40 Polish TUE-40 Lathe $1000 Abbotsford BC

    No its not, Its called character! :D:p
  6. Proxule

    Car Rust

    I wonder how many sheep was squeeeezed to get a black barrel full? https://woolwax.ca/
  7. Proxule

    Car Rust

    I have been using this stuff for 15 years, I wasn't aware or knew about fluid film. Prices sure have jumped over the years. Not sure if a can of fluid film is better or cheaper. I thin mine enough ti spray into nooks and tight corners and areas. YMMV .
  8. Proxule

    Back-up power generator - $3.2M Leduc

    I wonder what sort of RPM a beast like that runs, There must be some sort of self regen or cleaning, idling all day every day.
  9. Proxule

    Car Rust

  10. Proxule

    Car Rust

    I mix lanolin and mineral spirits or turpentine and coat the undercarriage every year!
  11. Proxule

    How often do you sharpen your lawnmower blades?

    Depends on how often I mow. Or how many rocks I hit. I do it twice a growing season. With my flapper wheel. Nothing crazy or fancy. Prior to this new toro mower I had a old beater. I was tired of sharpening constantly so I hard faced with some hardcover 460. In theory it was an awesome idea...
  12. Proxule

    Machine Machine moving

    This is the way, then fork it under the ram, or jack it a bit and roll it with pipe or drag and or push with the forklift and or come-alongs chain-falls. gluck
  13. Proxule

    What I've been waiting for... (maybe)

    From the reviews, No thanks, I will let the guinea pigs solve its 1001 issues. Like creality is famous for. I will continue to use my Ender 5 S1 until the bambu lawsuit settles ( creality loves to copy ), This is just my guess lol Thanks for posting
  14. Proxule

    Myford Super 7 Victoria BC $600

    I dislike and disrespect sellers who do that, 600 to 1000 to 1300. What happened?? I wouldn't touch that thing unless it comes with that furnace filter. Total waste of money otherwise!!!!!!! :D
  15. Proxule

    Some people just like big expensive rocks

    I thought this was a drug thread, Phew
  16. Proxule

    Alba Shaper 4S Shaper, $1200, Calgary, AB

    I see a NDP sign on the lawn, Oh boy..... This is unacceptable..... We will have to have a discussion! lmao
  17. Proxule

    Alba Shaper 4S Shaper, $1200, Calgary, AB

    THIS IS THE WAY..... Before I learned of these, I moved my Elliott 14S with a home depot open trailer and 2 ton engine hoist. gluck
  18. Proxule

    Triumph GT6 4 speed manual transmission case crack repair

    Gorgeous work John, Thanks for documenting and mentioning me. Hope the project is on schedule!
  19. Proxule

    Alba Shaper 4S Shaper, $1200, Calgary, AB

    Me, personally, I wouldn't touch it with out the clapper.
  20. Proxule

    Any wet shavers using straight or safety razors on the forum?

    Once you go black, you never go back?! :p
  21. Proxule

    WOW, Speed of Machining

    Likewise, a whole day... EASY! But I suppose that's the difference between seasoned and hobbyist ? !
  22. Proxule

    Any wet shavers using straight or safety razors on the forum?

    I currently use an edwin jagger DE razor. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0812/3241/products/EDJ089-3_x1024.jpeg?v=1556300928 The straight razor is in storage and has been for many years. We don't get along lol I found the badger brushes too soft, So I opted for a boar brush. All my equipment...
  23. Proxule

    Any wet shavers using straight or safety razors on the forum?

    Yes, passed down by my father, I don't like contorting my hand, and I seem to always nick my self, then out comes the dreaded alum stick! So I swapped over to a DE razor, I don't remember the last time I bought a blade. I bought maybe 3K blades for less then a penny each. I found the...
  24. Proxule

    CA-ON Source for cast iron in Ontario

    Smallest durabar I can get here in Edmonton was from the manf. 5 inch diameter X 1 ft. @ $$$$$$
  25. Proxule

    Machine PDM30 table nut stripped

    Oil will wash swarf away, Thats the logic, and 20 or 30 weight will do. Nothing special. AW 32 or 46 or 68. Anything is better then nothing! Gluck
  26. Proxule

    Manual Milling / Drilling Machine (CX601), $2500, Newmarket, ON

    We are in the same milling machine search boat. Sigh Thanks again
  27. Proxule

    Manual Milling / Drilling Machine (CX601), $2500, Newmarket, ON

    I appreciate you constantly posting ads and offers to this forum. You are a gem!
  28. Proxule

    Manual milling machine, Offers, Calgary, AB

    Yikes, Problems galore, I do appreciate the seller disclosing them! I would offer scrap value as he or she indicates they will scrap it ! Thanks for posting
  29. Proxule

    Finally got tired of swaping the tailstock wrench

    I used to do cold blue on firearm and shop related items. Its fast but the end result is meh. I since adopted the rust blue method, Not exactly slap on and walk away. But the result is top shelf!
  30. Proxule

    Looking for a PI, Orange ? Anything to run klipper

    I will look into it, thanks!