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  1. GlenG

    windsor, ontario

    Welcome from Dartmouth, but did spend 6 years in Windsor 25 years ago Great city, still have friends there.
  2. GlenG

    Product Princess Auto Universal Sliding Heavy Duty Angle Grinder Stand

    I have the cheaper non sliding version from Amazon, it's a bit meh. I mean it's ok, but it is what it is, it isn't a chop saw. It's kind of a nuisance to set up, so you kind of need a dedicated grinder for it if you decide to go that way. Mine has a dedicated use to cut horseshoes for welded...
  3. GlenG

    What did you do for a career and would you pick it again?

    I'm a bit late to the thread, but I'm a Mechanical Engineer with almost 30yrs in, stick it out and get through your EIT. If you are truly bored ask for more, as somone who leads a large group of metal workers, engineers and technologists, managers always appreciate somone asking for "more" or...
  4. GlenG

    I'm that guy...

    That was actually my plan before the trial fitments, however it became evident that it would need to be welded up solid. In all seriousness it shouldn't be a huge deal to get it out, most of my shop is on wheels.
  5. GlenG

    I'm that guy...

    We've all heard the stories of 'that guy' who builds a boat in his basement with no possible way to get it out. Well it's not a boat but it does have sails and in my little shop it's it may as well be a full size sail boat because it's going to be challange getting it out. So I guess I am now...
  6. GlenG

    Other Multi-facet cutting on a lathe

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting process. I’ve never seen that done before.
  7. GlenG

    3D Printer Recommendations

    I'm looking for any recommendations for a starter Printer? Just looking to play with something but would like something around a 9" (230mm) bed. Maybe something that could be upgraded later to a second nozzle (is that possible)? Oh yes and cheap, but seriously I'd like to keep it under...
  8. GlenG

    Homemade Sheet Metal Brake?

    Yes I will. Have seen a couple of similar on youtube where they have made individual fingers or one where he partial slit the the forward leg of the top angle iron that is used as the clamp, creating pseudo short "fingers".
  9. GlenG

    Homemade Sheet Metal Brake?

    That's nice @Six O Two . Pretty much what I was thinking. What size hinges are they, they look pretty robust from the pictures.
  10. GlenG

    Homemade Sheet Metal Brake?

    24ga steel is my first project and haven’t thought much more then that yet. I could probably just get it done at work, but where is the fun in that, LOL. Didn’t think about welding it but I suppose that’s an option. I’m a firm believer that either buying or making new tools is a great excuse...
  11. GlenG

    Homemade Sheet Metal Brake?

    Hi, I need to make a roughly 20” x 30“ x 3” deep to hold water, and thought it may be time to bake a small brake. Has anyone made their own brake? Did you use plans or wing it with your own design? Did you make a simple bending brake or a box and pan (finger) brake? What pitfalls did you run...
  12. GlenG


    Very interested in this, keep up the posts
  13. GlenG

    CTIRE, Mastercraft Plasma Cutter?

    Update. I ended up getting a range check from PA last month when the ProPoint Procut 30 was on sale for $480. It finally came in yesterday and I tried it out quickly with pleasing results. 1/4” clean cut on roughly 1/2 range of 110v worked super.
  14. GlenG

    Craig's Craftex CX706 Comes Clean

    I was able to bore out my QCTP by 1/4" and then reduced the boss on my CX706, then drill and tap for the stud. I can still use the original tool post if I want with a custom stud.
  15. GlenG

    Canadian Sources for Hobbyist Quantities of Oil

    I found this seller on ebay when I was searching for small lots of ISO100 for my CX706 Haven’t tried them but they seem very expensive...
  16. GlenG

    DavidR8's shop shenanigans

    Love my King 5x5 with base. The only things I‘ve had to do is shim the vice so it cuts straight and periodically adjust the vice clamp
  17. GlenG

    Difficult Acto (Machineryplans.com) Plans

    Sorry, my poorly worded question. PDF will scale up or down for what ever your printer size is, but I have access to a plotter so if their native size was say D size (24”x36) I could plot them full size.
  18. GlenG

    Difficult Acto (Machineryplans.com) Plans

    What sort of size are the drawings A (8.5x11) size or larger?
  19. GlenG

    Difficult Acto (Machineryplans.com) Plans

    Hi, Just throwing this out there to see if anyone else has come across this site https://www.machineryplans.com/ They appear to be selling plans for everything from surface grinders, to shapers to brakes and rollers. I wonder what sort of quality they are?
  20. GlenG

    CTIRE, Mastercraft Plasma Cutter?

    Ha,I did not I ended up spending all my money on a bottle on these and the Argon bottle on the right. No more money for a little while, LOL.
  21. GlenG

    Hello from Windsor Ont.

    Welcome from Halifax, spent 7 years in Windsor in the mid to late 90’s great spot.
  22. GlenG

    Daily Shop Improvement

    Wow. You guys are making me feel so young, I had to use DECwriter for my Fortran 77 course in Uni.
  23. GlenG

    Not So Lazy Susan….

    HaHa for sure. But I have one of those collapsible paint ‘booths’ to keep the garage clean, and it can’t handle the hanging.
  24. GlenG

    Not So Lazy Susan….

    I ’ve been looking for a turn table to use when painting projects, but I could never find one that was large or heavy enough, so i decided to build one. To top is 15”x15”x1/4” aluminum and the base is 14”x14”x3/16” steel with a 12” turn table bearing rated for 1000lb. The longest part was...
  25. GlenG

    Lost dog in Calgary

    great news!
  26. GlenG

    CTIRE, Mastercraft Plasma Cutter?

    Interesting thoughts I never considered a dry cut, but i’m looking for the “scrolling“ capability of plasma.
  27. GlenG

    CTIRE, Mastercraft Plasma Cutter?

    Thanks for the input guys, CT house brand (Mastercraft / Maximum) is never my first choice, but Im looking for a decent dual voltage pilot arc plasma cutter and I’d prefer brick and morter in case there are issues. I have Amazon Prime, but I’m just not interested in the hassle you can...
  28. GlenG

    Welding carts & compressed gases

    Here is the one I built a couple of years ago, it’s all full up now of course.
  29. GlenG

    CTIRE, Mastercraft Plasma Cutter?

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with the subject Plasma cutter? It's a dual voltage pilot arc unit that retails for ~$750
  30. GlenG

    Best place for economical tools

    I gotta say Amazon (including Accusize) are my go to. I’ve never had a problem making returns the few times something i got a dud.