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  1. johnnielsen

    I need an RV propane system technician

    We immediately closed the main tank shut off valve. The motor home has a built in propane tank. Problem solved. My wife found a Mechanic specializing in propane vehicles who agreed to do a pressure test. He found a crack in the main copper feeder pipe. $380 later we picked up the motor home...
  2. johnnielsen

    I need an RV propane system technician

    Thank you for your suggestions but I am unable to get into the areas required as I have limited mobility.
  3. johnnielsen

    I need an RV propane system technician

    Our motorhome just developed a strong odour of propane inside. Anybody know an RV propane system technician who could check it out ASAP?
  4. johnnielsen

    Anvil 600.00 Canadian

    I had assumed the 309SS would not creep. That is concerning . I will start the 7018 bead layers on top of the 309SS much sooner.
  5. johnnielsen

    Anvil 600.00 Canadian

    It might anneal the top as I can see that a separate harder plate about 1/2 " thick has been attached. The key to success is to ensure the anvil area adjacent to the weld does not rise drastically to a critical temperature because de-laminating will occur. I plan on repairing the connection with...
  6. johnnielsen

    Anvil 600.00 Canadian

    I have a large anvil that needs repair. I am going to rebuild it using the technique I saw used at Western Rock Bit on the in ground 5-8 ton bases for 100+ ton pneumatic drop forge hammers. Continuous preheat was applied. After grinding down to a clean/fresh surface, the welders laid a layer of...
  7. johnnielsen

    What is this?

    I think it is a precision second operation machine possibly capable of both inside and outside machining at the same time. I say that because of the guide bar receiver cast into the headstock above the collet chuck. Also you can see the spindle clutch mechanism immediately behind the collet...
  8. johnnielsen

    ER32 hex block

    I can't recommend any seller's product. If it were me, I would buy an ER__ mounted on a short straight spindle and grab a piece of my large 12L14 hex bar and drill/bore a matching hole in it with a locking set screw or loctite. Perhaps machine an appropriate step so the ER spindle goes in far...
  9. johnnielsen

    Vertical shear lathe tool

    Here is a link to the right technique but not the descriptor I am used to. I will call it the Vertical Shear method from now on. https://gadgetbuilder.com/VerticalShearBit.html
  10. johnnielsen

    Vertical shear lathe tool

    Sorry. It did not represent the technique on a manual machine. My bad. I will find the right article.
  11. johnnielsen

    Vertical shear lathe tool

    Here is a link to an article about it. https://www.productionmachining.com/articles/the-forgotten-art-of-skiving
  12. johnnielsen

    Vertical shear lathe tool

    As an aside. What you call a shear tool, I have called a skiving tool. I know that some cutting tool manufacturers make custom tooling incorporating the concept.
  13. johnnielsen

    Good source for link belts?

    I used link belts on Herbert 2d lathes for many months with instant reverse applied for threading and tapping operations. These were lower rpm operations. I also use link belts on one of my drill presses with great success.
  14. johnnielsen

    cutting internal threads to a shoulder

    I can't post it but I can PM it to those interested.
  15. johnnielsen

    cutting internal threads to a shoulder

    I have a pdf on it's construction.
  16. johnnielsen

    cutting internal threads to a shoulder

    A good fit in the slide and the threading tool spring loaded so it stays in place until the "leash" becomes taut ensures a good thread can be cut.
  17. johnnielsen

    cutting internal threads to a shoulder

    You got it. It gives you time at the end of the thread cut to stop or reverse the spindle. The tool post mounted slide stops the advancement of the threading tool when the leash ( as R8 phrased it) becomes taut. It's sole purpose is to allow the operator time to disengage, stop or reverse the...
  18. johnnielsen

    Here is an article about it. The long arm fastened to the bed works the same way as an...

    Here is an article about it. The long arm fastened to the bed works the same way as an adjustable stop on a drill press. It has free movement of the tool till it hits the end stop.
  19. johnnielsen

    cutting internal threads to a shoulder

    The threading tool is mounted on an auxiliary slide held in the tool post on the cross slide. When the threading tool approaches a shoulder, the threading tool stops advancing toward the shoulder while the carriage keeps traversing. The threading tool stays clear because the auxiliary slide...
  20. johnnielsen

    cutting internal threads to a shoulder

    Having the threading tool mounted on a dead stop slide helps cure the butt pucker blues.
  21. johnnielsen

    Er40 collet chuck

    I suggest you make a d-bit to do the finish sizing rather than buy a 16 degree reamer. It will involve 3 to five hours to make, harden and hone/polish but it will be good practice.
  22. johnnielsen

    Micro brazing torch - any good?

    Yes, I've been tempted by these numerous times, Apparently they put out a lot of heat but I was attracted by the look of them more.
  23. johnnielsen

    Disk finishing aluminum

    I really like all four of my M12 tools. Light in the hand but still enough power to do what I need done. I have the right angle grinder, straight grinder, drill and driver. I also have the Proxxon ac110 variable speed long neck right angle grinder which I use regularly too.
  24. johnnielsen

    Understanding machinist layout with DRO better

    I did thousands of hours welding small pieces together in jigs. I kept my sanity by zoning out, my body was there but my mind was elsewhere.
  25. johnnielsen

    Modern Mill, Edmonton, $400

    If I needed another mill, I'd be all over it. Vertical head, t-slotted table plus horizontal arbour supports with it are enticing. If I were twenty years younger and it proved to have drive train problems, I would add hydraulic cylinders and make that baby planer I have always wanted.
  26. johnnielsen

    RF30 head alignment guide

    I came across another unique way to re-align an RF30 mill head after relocating the head. It involves using a camera mounted on the head. chrome-extension://gphandlahdpffmccakmbngmbjnjiiahp/http://www.homemetalshopclub.org/news/11/newsletter1107.pdf#page=6