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  1. Aarknoid

    Vevor knee mill X-axis power feeds <$200

    I would check the Vevor store on aliexpress , I think there was a $20 difference in my favour when I bought my bs-0, and it still shipped from the same place in BC. (although I did look up the AS-250-150 and the Vevor web site has the better price this time)
  2. Aarknoid

    WTB: looking for a vertical head for a Victoria / Elliott universal mill (U0)

    Just wondering if anyone has seen or comes across the vertical head attachment for a Victoria Elliott U0 ( or one that looks close, as they were interchangeable between models ) IIRC there are two versions, the direct mount: and the step up step out type: Figured would mention here in the...
  3. Aarknoid

    I didn't know I needed it. Still not sure :P 6x48 / 12" belt disc sander

    I had to buy the pivot points that attach to the disc table, I will most likely machine some aluminum plate to match the original tables, Either need to find the measurements or just make 'em up as I see fit.
  4. Aarknoid

    I didn't know I needed it. Still not sure :P 6x48 / 12" belt disc sander

    This wilton belt / disc sander followed me home a month or two a go. The posting was a good price and it was only 20 min old, so it met all the requirements. What sealed the deal was the chance my grandfather and uncle may have used it as they both used to work at the old Rockwell international...
  5. Aarknoid

    Colchester student $2000 Cambridge

    If I had the room.... well I'd have two I guess :p Colchester student Cambridge ON
  6. Aarknoid


    I have a first generation I7 / xeon (1366) from 2010 running windows 11 nicely. You do have to change some registry entries to allow it as it doesn't have tpm2.0 or a video card that is on their approved list. But those with an older system and no special software / hardware, its is a doable thing.
  7. Aarknoid

    Sharpening Drills.....

    I saw this a while back and will get around to trying it , the logic seemed sound
  8. Aarknoid

    Elliot Omnimil 00 (motor options?)

    Just saw this while browsing, may be too high a voltage without VFD / transformer but... it was cheap :) small frame motor
  9. Aarknoid

    Metal lathe Grizzly G0768 Oshawa

    seems decent, from the little I know about them https://www.kijiji.ca/v-power-tool/oshawa-durham-region/metal-lathe-grizzly-g0768/1650195321
  10. Aarknoid

    Modern Mill, Edmonton, $400

    I've done my part within the last year with my Victoria Elliott U0 mill for the same price, although I didn't get a vertical head with it. This is an even better deal. someone else will have to buy this one (did get a sweet vise and extra arbors, so no complaints :P)
  11. Aarknoid

    Set screws for aluminum plate

    or you could do what we do here at work:
  12. Aarknoid

    Set screws for aluminum plate

    The threaded rod is easy enough to get , but I'd hate to spend the time making 650 screws with them, even with just a flat head slot cut :P
  13. Aarknoid

    Set screws for aluminum plate

    Just my .02 c but would it be possible to source aluminum screws ? I know I've seen a selection at home depot and at my work, that or cheap titanium from somewhere like Ali express? I know is metric, but just to give an idea metric titanium set screw or there is the cadmium (example)
  14. Aarknoid

    Ontario member sound off

    Its a tiny farming village and we even have a general store! that and for being 15 min from Milton and 15 min form Burlington proper , you think I could get a pizza delivered? but I'd pit it against place :) (we used to have a gunpowder mill back in the day but, one day it left... Gore Powder Mill
  15. Aarknoid

    Ontario member sound off

    I am about as far north you can go and still be in Burlington
  16. Aarknoid


  17. Aarknoid

    Cincinatti milling machine Harley, Ontario

    It doesn't count until I get the current one in position
  18. Aarknoid

    Cincinatti milling machine Harley, Ontario

    I've already done my part this month buying machines. Gonna let some one else get this one :p
  19. Aarknoid

    Lathe, milling machine and band saw C$4,000

    facebook link "Details Condition Used – good 1 x Milling machine (JIH PONG) 600V 1 x Lathe (Clausing) 600V 1 x Metal bandsaw (Powermatic) 240V To be taken from Mississauga, everything that you need to start a small machine shop."
  20. Aarknoid

    Reverse Engineering from a 3D Scan with Fusion360

    I have a creality scan lizard i pickup up through kickstarter ... still haven't unboxed it yet.
  21. Aarknoid

    Milling machine haldimand ont

    It is quite the uh, thing. Van norman
  22. Aarknoid

    Looking for lathe drive belt size

    a bit late to the party and by no means sure, but it has a passing resemblance to a gt2 / gt3 /... belt seen a bunch in 3d printing and such. example of gt3 belts hard to tell without measurements but even the EV5GT looks close
  23. Aarknoid

    Horizontal milling machine $400

    Bit of a picture dump but it is now home and next week I can get it out of the trailer. Super pumped to start working with it and Dave the seller was awesome from sale to loading ( I mean who has a fork lift in their garage?? I now have goals .)
  24. Aarknoid

    Horizontal milling machine $400

    Assuming there is no catch, loading the trailer should be easy with the fork lift on site, unloading at home with engine hoist and pump truck should be doable.
  25. Aarknoid

    Horizontal milling machine $400

    Sigh. Going to look at it tomorrow :D . Other buyer has ducked out so will keep posted. Figure it can't be any worse than moving the lathe, much better center of gravity. Getting it on the trailer should be easy.
  26. Aarknoid

    Horizontal milling machine $400

    I figured , what harm comes of just seeing if its still available, I mean its been 2 days and I have to go to waterloo this weekend anyway. Turns out am second in line but got a msg today saying the first guy has until tonight to respond....
  27. Aarknoid

    Tool I didn't realize everything was a Fluke

    My daily driver is also a fluke 287, have yet to use the bit that talks to the computer, but its there. It's nice when work shells out for the good stuff. (Im much too cheap otherwise)
  28. Aarknoid

    Shaper and lathe in Haldimand, On

    facebook link
  29. Aarknoid

    Tool Post Locking Lever - Where to Buy?

    Just watched a video on making just this thing.
  30. Aarknoid

    KBC RF-30 clone in kitchener

    Oh for sure. I think kbc has em for 300-400, the current stand