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    Tool Keeping old outdated tools in the shop

    When I retired I was fortunate enough to be able to keep all my equipment, new and old. There have been many times that I was able to still do my own repairs on old or specialty items that I would otherwise be forced to take to another shop. If you have the room for it, keep it. The only thing I...
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    Brown&Sharp No2 surface grinder any good?

    If you haven't already done so, check Vintage Machinery for manuals. They have a download site and you can make a donation to help keep it up.
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    Compound needs a better degree dial

    I just added some 10 and 5 degree marks to my tool post. In this situation there is no need for more than 10 degree increments. @Dabbler 's setup worked very well. I ground a point on an old endmill . Worked great. It was about the only option, not having an actual round tool post. Now at least...
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    Tips/Techniques Parasitic Draw of Cordless Tools

    What would be drawing power? Vehicles have modules that need to stay awake, but power tools?
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    Compound needs a better degree dial

    @Dabbler ,yes I see what you mean. i think you have the same lathe as me. Truly a poor design. Till now I have been setting 29 1/2 Deg. with a protractor. I was looking at it today and am considering marking degrees from the index mark on the toolpost towards the hand wheel. There are marks...
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    Compound needs a better degree dial

    @Dabbler , I like your idea of using a RT. How would you mark the post? Chisel? Maybe fab up a guide for the chisel to keep it accurate?
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    Compound needs a better degree dial

    How about the degree tape they use on crankshaft harmonic balancers. Hot rodders use them all the time. Just wrap it around your compound base. I'd like to see what you come up with because my lathe has a pitifully poor degree marking system.
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    So after all my" research" I decided to use a RPC to run this thing. Got on Ebay and ordered an American Rotary 5hp and had it shipped to Noonan ND. Did the tracking thing and they said it was delivered, so I head to Noonan and there is one box. And it's not heavy, like it should be. So now I...
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    Here's the oil reservoir . It was a real mess in there. There was a 1/2 inch of yellow oily stuff on top and some partly solid crusty stuff below. Got it all mopped out and was going to remove the oil pump for cleaning. Took a long hard look at it and decided there must be a better way. Just by...
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    x100 on the screwdriver bits. I got a smaller set from Brownells yrs ago and kick myself for not getting the big set. This is what I used on the bolts. I had to grind about .010 or .015 thou. off one side to fit the slot, but it worked great.
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    Garvin No12 Plain Mill

    What does the gear set on the right side do?
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    45 yrs as an auto tech and I've never seen what I would call a beautiful bolt . They hold the motor mount to the main spindle housing. Is this a good looking fastener or what!
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    In the middle of this housing is a black 3/8 bolt that locks the spindle housing by tightening the gib to the way. Not a big deal except that there is a little brass cylindrical plug that goes between the end of the bolt and the back side of the gib. Of course it is too big to fit through the...
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    Going back together was pretty simple. The gib snaps into place in the left dovetail way and the engine hoist worked perfectly to slide it down onto the upright. Set a block of wood under the housing to hold it part way up so I could install the screw and gear set that make it go up and down...
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    I took the motor off and used the engine hoist to lift the main housing up off the upright ways. backed off the gib adjusters 1/2 turn each and it slid off nicely. Everything looked real good except for some stains on the ways from sitting for so long. The stains were from the oil channels in...
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    Been doing lots of clean-up on the grinder lately. The main spindle that is mounted on the upright was leaving a lot of crud on the vertical ways when I cranked the spindle up and down so I figured I better take it apart and clean it up. Fear and common sense were holding me back so far, but a...
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    Reed C series vise size comparison

    I've never heard of a REED vise. Very nice!
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    "A great little lathe"

    that's just plain nasty. The only thing he got right was the direction he's heading with the price. I sure hope no-one gets taken in by this guy.
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    Yeah, I was pretty stoked about all the stones that came with it, shouldn't have to buy any for a long time!
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    B&S #13 grinder followed me home

    @Cryoine ,nice score. Do you have any more info on it yet? Dabbler, I was doing more cleaning on my #13 and am wondering how to remove the chuck on the headstock spindle. Is there a spindle lock anywhere?
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    Tool Vise stand build

    you got the granddaddy of all vises! Cool!
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    Back-up power generator - $3.2M Leduc

    280 gal/hr in fuel. mmmkay, I'm out. Somebody else can have 'em.
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    Grade B gauge block set $30 Toronto

    Most still in wrappers.
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    Cincinnati wheel adaptor

    One Cincinnati grinder wheel adaptor for sale or trade. It has right hand threads and the big end of the taper is about 3/4" . The part # is stamped on the adaptor. I have no cinci grinder but do have a B&S #13 Universal and T&C grinder that I need accessories for .Asking $60. Located in S.E...
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    Machine Used DARBERT Lathe

    who knows.... it could be a real simple fix
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    Machine Used DARBERT Lathe

    One of those situations where you need a lathe to fix the lathe. If it weren't broken it would be a real deal.
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    Grinding wheel adaptor Question

    @Chipper5783 I've done more looking since my post and found that Cinci has different adaptors. Mine has the slotted nut and I think the 1" large end taper. will keep digging. Thanks for the replies.
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    Grinding wheel adaptor Question

    Question is, are all adaptors for surface grinders the same taper ? I got several adaptors with the B&S #13 but they are all LH thread. If I want to use the right hand end of the spindle I need a RH thread adaptor. I went to the mcmaster Carr web site and their adaptors are listed for all...
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    Anyone recognize this footstock?

    I took some measurements: the center is 4" above the flat bottom surface, the flat is 3 1/2" left to right and 4 1/8 front to back. The two holes intersect at the same spot in the bottom, one hole is vertical and the other is at about 45 deg.. use one or the other but not both at the same time...
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    Wow, now there's a deal. If one of you guys don't step up to the plate, some outfit like EVRAZ is going to end up turning it into a piece of pipe.