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  1. StevSmar

    printing homes

    A relative was having a house built (traditional Canadian construction) and someone mentioned that they were backfilling around midnight. Sounded fishy so we dug down and the basement walls had large sections where there was hardly any concrete around the aggregate. The builder convinced my...
  2. StevSmar

    An introduction

    A warm welcome from Winnipeg! 6 months from now it will be a frigid welcome from Winnipeg.
  3. StevSmar

    Does this really look like it is preserving heritage at all?

    It does look more interesting than if it was completely demolished. My vote is for retaining what they have done, I like how that’s been done for a few buildings in Winnipeg. Valid suggestion about making more social housing though.
  4. StevSmar

    Product Single phase motor direction

    I had read that if I try to reverse my lathes single phase motor before it stops, that it will keep going in the same direction. And indeed it does…
  5. StevSmar

    Shop Shed build underway

    Looking great! That must be very exciting. I’d be excited if I was getting a detached workshop (Mines in the basement which is not ideal…)
  6. StevSmar


    We can smell the smoke in Winnipeg, the sunshine is a golden colour too.
  7. StevSmar

    Shop Lee Valley Manufacturing- shop tour

    I found this video interesting, it shows a lot of the machine tools which are used to make Lee Valley woodworking tools: (Not sure if this is the best spot for this post… If it isn’t, could a moderator move)
  8. StevSmar

    Still Stupid after all these years.

    Good experience always seems to be based on bad experience. I’m always finding new and unusual ways that could lead to injury.
  9. StevSmar

    Some people just like big expensive rocks

    That was interesting. 44 million cubic meters of rock. My mind boggles at how that much rock can suddenly fall.
  10. StevSmar

    Next lawnmower ?

    That’s fascinating!
  11. StevSmar

    Finally got tired of swaping the tailstock wrench

    Looks great! What process did you use for bluing the metal?
  12. StevSmar

    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    These two are related: 1) I waited too long to start buying good quality tools. 2) I waited too long to find someone that is just starting out to give my crappy tools to, so I can get good quality tools…
  13. StevSmar

    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    Me too!!!! Except mine is BXA. Perhaps I’ll be able to find someone that’s just starting out who really needs BXA and then I can join the Multifix crowd. (I’ll probably join the power drawbar crowd first though…)
  14. StevSmar

    Tools you waited too long to acquire

    A shop vac that I don’t need hearing protection to run. I spent crazy, crazy money on it (Festool) but within a month I was kicking myself for putting up with the noisy piece of garbage I got 10-15 years ago. Now I don’t avoid vacuuming like I did before.
  15. StevSmar

    What I spent 20 years at is finally starting to catch on with my industry....

    I appreciate you describing the different aspects of blower door testing! That’s very helpful!
  16. StevSmar

    Southbend Lathe, $1800, Calgary, AB

    That’s interesting how they say “I only take offers in person”, saves the low ballers who throw out a number that‘s 1/3 of the asking price incase there are no other offers.
  17. StevSmar

    What I spent 20 years at is finally starting to catch on with my industry....

    Can a blower door test help to pinpoint areas of air infiltration? Our house has several exhaust fans and a fresh-air intake for the furnace, it will soon have a HRV. Wouldn’t a blower door test just suck air in through these and not tell you anything about where air is leaking in elsewhere? I...
  18. StevSmar

    What I spent 20 years at is finally starting to catch on with my industry....

    That’s interesting. So are you saying that it is now cheaper overall to use cold climate heat pumps than geothermal ground loops? We’re about to replace our furnace and I feel bad that we’re going to use a high efficiency gas furnace- solely because I suspect we’ll be moving in a few years. If...
  19. StevSmar

    Xyphota's bicycle related projects

    Your welds look great to me. Building a bicycle would be a fun project- but I’d need to get back into riding before considering it… I dream of making a knock-off of a Ice Trike recumbent…
  20. StevSmar

    What I spent 20 years at is finally starting to catch on with my industry....

    I’ve seen electricity pricing maps where during certain times utilities have to pay others to use their electricity. This is primarily nuclear generators that are difficult to quickly reduce power production from. It’s like a stock market.
  21. StevSmar

    Marking out on mild steel with mill scale- good markers?

    Thanks for the recomendation! I didn’t think to try red… @YYCHM , thanks for the princess auto link! I’ll have a look. I should have said when I’m using a Porta-band with oil. I did trying making a light cut “dry” until the metal was scored, and then adding oil. But if I get a better marker...
  22. StevSmar

    Tool Starrett Gear Calipers

    And it’s made of stainless steel! I’ve decided I’ll no longer buy anything unless it’s stainless or satin chromed…
  23. StevSmar

    Marking out on mild steel with mill scale- good markers?

    I tried a Silver Sharpie “paint” pen. Maybe I just need better glasses…
  24. StevSmar

    Marking out on mild steel with mill scale- good markers?

    What’s a good marker to use on steel with mill scale? For typical fabrication accuracy I have a soapstone pen, but the lines rub off easily. Sharpie pens are hard to see unless there’s lots of light. Dykem layout fluid with a scribed line is hard to see when I add cutting oil. I do love the...
  25. StevSmar

    Keyless Chucks

    I can appreciate how having a keyless chuck bind would make you prefer keyed chuck. The thing I hate about my keyed chuck was that with a 1/2” drill bit I couldn’t stop it spinning, even after I bent the chuck key a little (I admit, the factory chuck is not a good example of keyed chucks).
  26. StevSmar

    Keyless Chucks

    I’d love to put a keyless chuck on my delta drillpress to replace the factory keyed chuck. But I’d love to have a Multifix like you have before I get a new drill chuck…
  27. StevSmar

    Metal working - dry / lubricants / coatings / cooling mist

    My post was intended to suggest that if you have a choice between isopropyl alcohol and methyl hydrate, it’s probably safer to use isopropyl alcohol. Personally, I would not use any type of alcohol as a cutting fluid unless it was mixed with other components to reduce its flammability. (Having...
  28. StevSmar

    Metal working - dry / lubricants / coatings / cooling mist

    I was using Methyl Hydrate in the workshop until my wife (who’s a nurse) said that it’s toxic. This was around the time that there were warnings and recalls of hand sanitizers which used Methanol instead of Isopropol Alcohol. (This research article Here reviewed this) So I switched to...
  29. StevSmar

    Metal working - dry / lubricants / coatings / cooling mist

    I was having a lot of trouble finding Isopropyl Alcohol, which I eventually found at a Farming Supply store in Winnipeg. (Horizon Livestock and Poultry supply)
  30. StevSmar

    3D Scanning large Boats

    Sorry to hear that. I was wondering how well it would handle large numbers of polygons. In my solid modelling Fusion starts to struggle once I hit maybe 50 components in an assembly.